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Requirements: Helicopters
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 02-06-2016

Date: 2016-02-20 19:49

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SAINT 4-1: Helicopter Pilot Altis


This is a dynamic task-based helicopter pilot game. All base helicopter models and some variants are available in game. Missions are randomly assigned, but will be specific to helicopter type if mission is requested from inside a helicopter. When one mission ends, call in for another.

  • Choose a specific mission time, or random.
  • Weather changes randomly with time changes.
  • Request/dismiss team of 0-3 crew members for your helicopter.
  • 23 mission types including transport, slingload, and attack varieties with random placement.
  • Random enemy AA throughout map, location changes each mission.
  • Functional doors on some helicopter models.
  • Missions can be cancelled.
  • Artillery support available.
  • In case of crash – must destroy helicopter, move to extract site, and call extract to airbase
  • Rearm, repair, refuel helipads available at main airbase.
  • Taru missions involve switching to correct loadout.
  • Basic mission stats are kept in logbook.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

  • Troop transport
  • Medevac from field
  • Medevac from convoy hit by IED
  • Civilian Medevac
  • Patrol field insertion
  • Patrol field extraction
  • Nap of earth patrol insertion
  • Nap of earth patrol extraction
  • Sniper team insertion
  • Sniper team extraction
  • Search and rescue - land
  • Search and rescue – water
  • Search and rescue civilians – water
  • Slingload (multiple varieties, helicopter dependent)
  • Fastrope insertion
  • Fly patrol – land
  • Fly patrol - water
  • Close air support
  • Seek and Destroy mortar position
  • Destroy convoy
  • Destroy Armor group
  • Destroy target in building
  • Destroy enemy patrol

  • Available Helicopters:
  • MH-9 Hummingbird
  • AH-9 Pawnee
  • UH-80 Ghosthawk (black /camo)
  • CH-67 Huron (armed/unarmed)
  • AH-99 Blackfoot
  • CH-49 Mohawk
  • PO-30 Orca (armed, unarmed, whale)
  • Mi-48 Kajman (black/camo)
  • WY-55 Hellcat (armed/unarmed)
  • Mi-290 Taru (base/ammo/bench/box/covered/fuel/medevac/repair)

  • Mission Briefing:
    You are an all-purpose rotary aircraft pilot in squadron HMU-86 'Saints', callsign SAINT 4-1, stationed at Altis Airbase.

    Fly missions in support of NATO forces on Altis

    Friendly Forces:
    NATO has 5 bases and 17 outposts strategically located across Altis. There are 3 hospitals in use for medevac at Pyrgos, Kavala, and Altis airbase.There are 10 NATO artillery sites stationed within bases/outposts.

    Enemy Forces:
    All areas outside of NATO bases should be considered hostile. Insurgents armed with anti-aircraft weapons are present within the civilian population, so you may be subject to enemy fire at any time and location.

    1) Use radio to request / cancel assignment. If you are in a helicopter your assignment will be specific to that aircraft type, otherwise it is random.
    2) Helicopter crew can be summoned at HQ, at the map stand.
    3) Time of day can be advanced at HQ, at the map stand. Weather changes randomly.
    4) Helicopter loadout can be modified at that helicopter's landing pad.

    1) Supply crates are at HQ.
    2) Medical - There are medical supplies at HQ, and ambulances/medical supplies at each hospital
    3) Rearm - helipad at Altis Airbase.
    4) Refuel - helipad at Altis Airbase. Can set fuel level from 25-100%.
    5) Repair - helipad at Altis Airbase.
    6) Artillery - when requested via the radio menu you will activate the closest of 10 artillery sites, which will become available from your support menu. You will be notified what artillery types are in range of your current position.
    7) Crash - If you crash, call in from the radio menu for instructions.
    8) Extraction - If you crash beyond walking distance from Altis Airbase, request extraction via the radio menu and follow the instructions. Beware of possible enemy infantry nearby!
    9) Replace lost helicopter - if you lose a helicopter, a new one can be requisitioned from the appropriate branch of armed services at HQ, at the map stand.

    1) Door Guns: When boarding the CH-67 Huron, your crew will not automatically man the door guns. The pilot action menu contains an option to 'man door guns'.
    2) Opening doors: The UH-80 GhostHawk, CH-49 Mohawk, and CH-67 Huron have moveable doors/ramps, which will need to be opened for troops to enter and exit the helicopter. This is done through the pilot action menu.
    3) Fast roping / rescue winching: Some missions involve fast roping or rescue winching when helicopter landing is not possible (i.e. ocean rescue). These are done using the slingload function. The slingload assistant will display a 'slingloadable' target at the designated waypoint. Use the slingload command to deploy rope and hover over the target until the action is complete.
    4) Anti-aircraft fire: avoid anti-aircraft fire by flying below 25m altitude.
    5) There is an explosive charge in the cargo inventory of every helicopter. It is to be used for destroying a damaged helicopter to keep it out of enemy hands.
    6) Radio chat text can be toggled off/on at HQ, at the map stand. It is on by default.
    7) Logbook: In radio menu, keeps track of your mission details.

    1) Make sure your helicopter type is appropriate to the mission.
    2) Always carry signalling smoke grenades, IR-strobe (at night), and an explosive charge when you fly in case you crash.
    3) Your journal has an overview of the mission and grid coordinates of the pertinent waypoints.
    4) Navigate using GPS and waypoint coordinates, or shift left-mouse on map to create a real world waypoint marker. This is helpful for identifying a specific house within a city.
    5) On Search and Rescue missions, your target will attempt to signal you with a smoke grenade, IR-strobe, or flare if they detect you are nearby.
    6) Avoiding anti-aircraft fire: Drop your collective and nose down with hard right pedal while deploying chaff. Or fly below 25m.

    Known issues:
    Extraction helicopter always lands you on roof at HQ. You can enter building through balcony.
    If a mission “field” objective point is created very close to your starting location, enemy AA will fire at you even when below 25m.
    ammo crate green smoke grenade number bug

  • Patrol and attack missions include enemy helicopters
  • Slingloading reworked: Slingloading targets have variable weights. Helicopter weight changes dynamically based on fuel level and number of helicopter crew, which may require adjustment in order to slingload an item. A table of helicopter maximum external weight capacity vs. fuel tank level is found in the map menu, titled 'Weight Table'
  • Added mission: Recover damaged helicopter via slingloading.
  • Aesthetic changes:
      - Ambient helicopter helipads now flank player helipads on both sides, making take off and landing at base more challenging.
      - Player now starts game in HQ facing map of Altis, where mission settings can be adjusted, in order to minimize confusion.

  • v01-27-2016
  • 'Request Assignment' and 'Call out of current Assignment' only show up in your radio menu when they are available options
  • added markers for player helipads, non-playable helipads to map
  • Mission Randomization can now be toggled at HQ. When called from a helicopter it can either be helicopter specific, or completely random. This is so that if you want completely random missions you don't have to exit your helicopter after every mission before requesting a new one.
  • slingload missions now have no enemy AA
  • fixed patrol ID bug where it was giving patrols duplicate names
  • On reporting crash, all passengers will disembark and wait for pickup so you can continue the mission if you wish. Medevac patients will probably be dead by then though :)
  • Crew can be requested / changed via radio menu when in proximity to HQ, landing pads. When you land they will disembark, and new crew will spawn at HQ. So you don't have to go to HQ every time you change your crew.
  • Reworked extraction - Now you pop smoke only when extraction helicopter is near the pickup site (but it still won't land without smoke/strobe), and it will automatically take you back to base.
  • modified SAR mission so 25% of time the wreck doesn't smoke, for increased difficulty.
  • added documentation to briefing- gps is sometimes reported inaccurately (up to 25%), so if your troops aren't at the waypoint you need to search around the area. And enemy patrols at LZs are random wrt presence and location.
  • added ambient plane flight
  • fixed order new heli bug
  • added IR strobe / green flare to heli cargo
  • added 5 airports as mission destinations
  • refuel station will no longer drive away

  • v01-20-2016
  • fixed rearm/refuel/repair bug
  • added option to dump fuel to 25%, 50%, 75% from helicopter cockpit action menu
  • added ambient helicopters
  • added adjustable difficulty settings at HQ. Options: no AA, light AA (armed with one rocket each), regular AA (armed with between 1-4 rockets each). Does not apply to NOE missions
  • tweaked aesthetics in HQ map stand action menu

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    Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to TeTeT and MrAlfred for mission ideas and technical assistance

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    - BI forums

    - Helicopters

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