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Engima submitted his Engima's Civilians script.

    Quote :
    Engima's Civilians is a script that adds dynamic civilians to an Arma 3 mission. Civilians spawn near player(s) and are removed again when they are far away. Works on maps with enterable buildings.

    You can customize how many civilians there will be, civilian unit classes, the maximum number of groups to use, minimum spawn distance, maximum spawn distance, and blacklist markers to define areas where no civilians will be. You also add callbacks if you want to do something when units spawn or being removed. Script works in singleplayer, multiplayer, hosted, dedicated, for JIPs, and on any map with enterable buildings.

    Also released as CPack "Engima.Civilians" for the TypeSqf Editor.

Written on 2016-02-04 21:23 by Engima  

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