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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2009-04-22 22:39

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HiFi Novus Aevum
Mark XIII and the HiFi FX Team

Starting with version 1.0, HiFi Sound FX was merely the harbinger for what would become known simply as
Novus Aevum or the “New Age” of the HiFi sound mod.
Originally reaching its apex with version 1.5, HiFi FX sound mod team leader and creator Mark XIII chose to
go into “creative seclusion” and secretly began planning a whole new approach to his sound mod than when
first started dabbling in sound modification for Armed Assault. This is also why he decided to change the
name to Novus Aevum in order to truly reflect this new approach and feel.
Thus Novus Aevum was born; the culmination of months of endless planning, passion, hard work and
determination—resulting in what the HiFi FX team promises to be one of the most consistent and enjoyable
sound experiences to date for the Armed Assault player. Simply put, Novus Aevum is the final step of HiFi’s

1. HiFi Novus Aevum comes in a convenient littler installer. Simply double-click the installation file
“@HiFi_Novus_Aevum.exe” to begin installation process.
2. Read the “Terms of use”, and if you agree continue the installation.
3. Choose your installation destination (your armed assault install directory) and complete the
installation process.
4. Once successfully installed, simply enable the modfolder “@HiFi_Novus_Aevum” prior to
launching Armed Assault and enjoy!

Please note:
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:

Please read the included reame or check the online readme

This is a signed addon.
The server key for server admins is included in this download.

Please be aware that all documents, graphics and sound files contained within the HiFi Novus Aevum
sound modification and elsewhere are the sole creative property of Mark XIII and the HiFi FX Team,
whether or not a copyright notice appears displaying this information at any given time. Absolutely no
aspect of HiFi Novus Aevum or any other HiFi creative property—whether previous or future
released—shall be be sold, modified, reproduced or used in any fashion unless you have prior written
permission from Mark XIII and the HiFi FX Team, which may be requested by privately contacting a verified
member of the HiFi FX team or by writing Mark XIII directly at any time.

Credits & thanks:
The HiFi FX team consists of the following members:
Mark XIII – Team Leader, Sound Development & Editing
Jon/andersson – Configuration & HiFi Modular System Design
John/Yokhanan/betsalel – Graphics & Documentation Development

Mark XIII would like to thank:
My Dad - for getting me interested in audio in the first place...
My wife - I love you... x
My family - for their constant love and support... x
My friends at RM
Jon & John - or is that John & Jon....?
Trapper - cheers for getting the permissions, and some good games of L4D
The D. - brilliant young mind
Cole - perverted young mind
GIBF Badboy - for some great games
Alex - great minds think alike
Ornbine/Rex - the rock that is my best mate
ADF Rico - for creating me more work...
Pauld & Pufu - for their loving relationship
Darrell - for always being helpful
Sgt Savage
Death - where are you mate...?
Aimpoint - for his deadly weapons
Creative - for making XFI
Sennheiser - for making headphones
And finally, this subwoofer - for lasting this long...
Jon/Andersson would like to thank:
The divine “Sound Jebus” - Mark XIII
Yokh - the gentleman with the impeccable language and art
Cole - for bug finding and fixing
Sapo ־ for beta testing and telling the hard truth all the time

John/Yokhanan would like to thank:
Mark –Easily of the nicest and closest mates I’ve had in a long time. Your friendship means a lot man. If you
ever need anything, just throw out the Bat-signal and I’ll be there, mate!
Jon – your heavenly ordained configuration skills never cease to amaze me. Just when I thought we
explored every possibility, you kept pulling rabbits out of your ass and surprised us every time.
Warden – for helping me test out the sounds during those fun game nights we had. Also thanks for being
my best mate and having my back through thick and thin over the years. Your friendship means a lot.
Mr_fuzzy – talented flyboy extraordinaire as well as good friend who also helped me test and put up with
my endless updates in the midst of endless ball-busting, perversion, and rape when we play together
(Heh-Heh….Alllriigghht!). You still disgust me!

The HiFi FX team would like to take a moment to give our biggest thanks of all to you the community whose
support and feedback has been appreciated from day one.
We would also like to state that any fellow sound modification creators for Armed Assault who desire to find
out how to go completely modular in design as well, to please contact Mark XIII or any other member of the
HiFi FX team and we will help out as much as we can.
Remember, it will benefit both the sound modification AND the community!

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- BI forums

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