@LevElite: Mini Clean Hud Mod by j3aleine
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j3aleine released his Mini Clean Hud Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod contains 6 very big pbos signed:
    • elite_difficulties:
        PRESET "Elite" by default. The preset "Veteran" is replaced by a preset "Elite" just a little bit hardcore. (Single Player only)
    • elite_milreticles:
        Correct MilDot reticles for each zoom with LRPS/KHS/AMS scopes, not perfect but better than the opticsZoomMin/Max vanilla values.
        Tested with the "User Texture (1m)" and "User Texture (10m)" at respectively 250m and 1000m. Many thanks to da12thMonkey and his tips.(maybe included in the next @ace3 update) (SP/MP)
    • elite_noammocount:
        Remove ammo, mag and grenade count. To check it -> Inventory.(SP/MP)
    • elite_noanims:
        Remove random anims.(SP/MP)
    • elite_noicon:
        Remove all icons. Tips : just remove your keys assigned from the "Use default action" in your CONTROLS options.(SP/MP)
    • elite_novoice : Remove all voices, according with the last "dubbing_radio_f.pbo".(SP, maybe on MP i don't know)

  • The Sniper Blufor lost his icon a long time ago, i made a "BI style" one for this poor guy
  • I added an "optionals" folder with inside, the "noanim", "novoice" PBO and a sort of "Marksman DLC style" icon for our sniper

Written on 2016-06-09 20:13 by Armaholic  

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