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Requirements: Queen's Gambit & Hamas units by namman2
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2008-04-29 16:58

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PedagneMOD missions pack

This is a 3 missions pack created at the same time to the release of the italian units for ArmA by Arremba San Zorzo (I greet him and I give thanks to him for his trust in me for the cration of these demo missions, and for his talent in the creation of this awesome mod for ArmA).
Since the times of OFP I was proud of the works of ASZ.

-)G.O.I. Ride:
    The mission consist in control one team of 5 special forces of Comsubin, elite units of italian Navy, for an operation of rescue of a pilot downed behind enemy lines. I advise you to assume stealth behaviour, because the zone is under enemy control, and a lot of Al-Qaeda patrols are ready to empty they're rifles to you.
    Needed Addons:
      Hamas units
      Queens Gambit

    The Special Intervention Group is called for a special event. The city of Corazol is attacked by an heavy armed terrorist group, and after killed a lot of civilians they are garrisoned in a big house. 2 teams are near the house waiting for headquarter call, for start the operation.
    With Radio you can synchronize the assault with other team bravo, and kill all the terrorists.

    Needed Addons:
      Queens Gambit

-)San Marco Lions:
    The city of Chantico is under enemy control. The San Marco Regiment are ready for disembark in a large beach near Chantico, and advance in direction of the city for retake the control of Chantico, supported by Harrier bombers of the San Marco ship (planes carrier).
    Needed Addons:
      Queens Gambit
Just put the pbo into the Missions folder in the main folder of ArmA.

Arremba San Zorzo

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