Author: Pierre MGI
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.3.11
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Tools for gamers and mission makers.

Date: 2016-05-04 21:17

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MGI Tactical Pack v3

Pierre MGI

MGI TACTICAL PACK V3 is the follow-up of the HUD TACTICAL GLASSES V2.3... with major changes.

Now, the add-on comes with an interface board (see GET STARTED) in a versatile manner. You can choose what you need but also what you want in action menu.
Then, to avoid a too long scrolling list of actions, just adapt it at your convenience.
Furthermore, all your settings, icons on or off, auto-repack or not... are persistent. You can leave Arma 3 and retrieve your choices (see below) at further start.
This add-on is "player" sided. I mean, most your actions and settings are for your local environment.
Very few need a dialog (a remote execution) with the server.
On the other hand, each time you issue an add-on of tools, you help the player more or less. My aim is clearly not a cheat codes compilation!
So, I had to make choices to cope with other than simple SP situation:
- Totally unrestrained options for SP and for mission maker tests (SP or 3DEN multiplayer). Feel free to try all you want. Switchable unit compatible.
- With restrained possibilities while playing on hosted servers, coming from difficulty level on server, but you can choose harder settings.
- With major restrictions or disabled options when player on dedicated servers (some differences for admin).

Now, the core of the add-on:

1 - Tools with difficulty settings or restrictions (see above):

FATIGUE - Instead of enabling/disabling fatigue, weapon sway... I decided to graduate all these parameters from almost zero to Arma engine.
And, last but not least, the add-on manages the "overloaded" backpack. B.I. decoded to fatigue at max, always, a player with a "too" heavy backpack. I think, all good intentions have their flip side and rather to wait for "no weight" equipment, it's time to balance for more playability and less realism.
This add-on manages overloaded backpack as a max possible load without this poor behavior. You'll be tired but you can start to run!

TACTICAL ICONS (action in menu is optional) - depending on distance, direct line intersect (along with side), and even knowledge of enemy for hardest skill. (See documentation)

ENABLE PRISONERS - This tool was already in Tactical Glasses V2.3. As it was for SP only, I modified it to make it possible on servers, with very drastic conditions when playing on a dedicated server.
Enemy must be wounded or out of ammo or reloading, within 100 m and your side must be dominant within 50 m of your target! Most of time, these conditions are very hard to meet.
For mission makers, these parameters are far easier and you can test your mission quicker than killing enemies! I often use it.
So, I took the choice to open a narrow window for enabling prisoners on servers. I think spending time to kill enemies is a game limitation, without any moral consideration here.

MANAGE GROUP - Already in Tactical Glasses V2.3. - Make units join or dismiss if your rating is better than his.
Attention: You must enable GROUP Situational Awareness before. This option was available after enabling Unit data in previous versions, I changed for GROUP S.A.
Then, right click (temporary zoom) on it and you toggle join/dismiss for this unit.

ALWAYS LEADER - I mean "become the leader of your group". It's impossible if you are:
- In a group already leaded by a player,
- And of course, playing on a dedicated server and you are not an admin.
Work also in SP while switching unit.

2 - Tools available in SP, 3DEN MP only (mission making)

TELEPORTATION (add action in menu) - clearly, in SP or testing your mission, do what you want. But there is no chance to get this tool in MP! (Even if you enabled it in a previous SP mission...)
If you need something in MP, see HALO (pt. 4)

ARSENAL TEST (add action in menu) - The B.I. function in addaction, just for SP or mission testing.

3 - Tool available in hosted servers, not dedicated ones.

ENHANCED CAS / NAPALM - Here is another tool which make difference between dedicated or hosted server. Without specific demand, this is not an option supposed to be on dedicated servers.
But, as many missions are hosted for friends, I decided to enable this option for those you like to give a try for a salvo of bombs instead of one shot.
This tool changes the BI native CAS unguided bomb behavior. It's not an added menu. If the player doesn't have access to the normal CAS support (0-8 menu), he has no chance to trigger something here.
Napalm is an added option. Most of particles effects come from Goon script. Thanks to him. I added effective drift due to the wind and the kill effect of these particles.
Please keep in mind, this is an experimental function and sometimes CAS is canceled without bombing. Try one more time.

4 - H.A.L.O. - here is a specific tool enabling HALO jump with Jump and safety altitudes (and your exact amount of ammos in magazines). There is just one restriction, compatible with any case: you need to place an object called MGI_HALO on the map (not a marker!). Then the player has to enable the HALO jump option and close to the object. Good jump!

5 - Tools with free usage
Most of them are the improved version of HUD Tactical Glasses V2.3
HUD - 4 modes: ZEROING - ZEROING + NAV - NAVIGATION - FULL HUD. Zeroing works with PGUP
PGDOWN if the weapon and optic modder decided it's important for ballistic.
This tool can't add inexistent zeroing setting. But when available, you have a very efficient tool to make the zeroing matching with the target distance.
Basic displayed data depending on the chosen mode:
WIND (arrow & strength);
TIME & accel. time;
Current WAYPOINT and/or current TASK are displayed in compass with distance (m or km) and “T” for task, “W” for waypoint in the direction to follow. Find description(s) in text at left side;
ALTITUDE bar (see further) and digits;
PROFILER on/off if IDENTIFICATION of units function is selected via scrolling menu;
CURRENT ROE (combat mode) chosen via menu;
ARTILLERY (if any) ETA before impacts: This only works with present artilleries (enemy or friend) at the start of the mission. In game spawned artilleries or virtual artillery supports are not displayed.
MINE WARNING (mines present within 60 m) then bleep and blinker when closing.

GPS (action in menu is optional) - 3 possible sizes.
Auto-zooming with speed/gunner view/enemy presence/group distribution. In gunner view, a cursor indicates the targeted position (also on map).
You can force GPS zoom in /out by pressing "right Ctrl" key and scrolling mouse. But you need first to configure the control key: command > switch command menu to right (or left) CTRL key. No problem with conflict (keys in red) because, at this time, you don't use another key but the mouse scrolling.

ENHANCED MAP TOOL (add action in menu)
- 4 figures coordinates and elevation,
- left click on each point of a track but last to get AZ/Dist. + total trip. Right click to end the path.
- Strike "home" to cancel whole path, "end" to cancel one by one the points.
- Each track is traced in green if the point under cursor is visible from origin, then red if you lost
- I added a "sector of inter visibilities" on the current path (to help for some destination covered
or not).
- You have a MK6 calculated elevation from start (the point where MK6 should be) to objectives.
The results are the same as in gunner view of the MK6...
And result is the same: MK6 impact is often too short.

PLAYER STATUS (action in menu is optional) - formerly Personal Data. I added the fact you can heal yourself once again if you have more than 3 FAK. For some of yours who played with this display and remarked the advice "treat yourself" (more than 3 FAK and little wounds), you couldn't heal due to Arma engine (healed by other than medic means damage 0.25). Now, if PLAYER STATUS is enabled, if you have more than 3 FAK, you can "spill" one more to heal you to the complete care (damage 0
instead of 0.25).
- Colored body showing the part hit and the gravity of wound (from Green to red). No colored body parts for full healthy unit.
- Current weapon is displayed with remaining cartridges (ammo) and the number of remaining magazines.
- Fatigue (or oxygen for free diving) appears as a colored blinker-like spot with heart beats (above 25% of fatigue, or less than 75% of O2)
- Hand gun & launcher (secondary weapon) are coming with remaining ammo bar and number of magazines.
- Grenades (if any, hand/mini)
- First aid kits

UNIT IDENT (action in menu is optional) - Already in Tactical Glasses V2.3. I added the info cannot move and cannot fire. Almost the same as Player Status.
Considered as broadcasted, data are displayed for friendly human units, Very brief legend for enemy units or some other objects like empty vehicle.
For cars, tanks, air assets, every friendly mechanized vehicle has its general status icon, colored from green to red according with general damage from game engine.
Hit points damages are more detailed than thus provided by engine. Damaged points are displayed from green to red status.
You can also read the remaining fuel and the remaining amount of ammunitions (bar as other displays colored from green (full) to red (empty) mag).

ROE (add actions in menu) - For leader - You can change the combat mode of your group, if you lead it, via the scrolling menu.

AUTO-ZOOMING CAMERA (action in menu is optional) - Toggle ON/OFF for a pip centered below visor camera . An auto-zooming acts on FOV camera along with cursor target. This version improves HUD aiming above horizon and the progressiveness of the zoom effect.
Transparency is set with HUD brightness (ALT PGUP/DOWN).
When the player jumps into a helo, camera is automatically set for displaying vertical video. This can assist for a good positioning (landing, sling, rope) at the 1st person. The centered red cross is the actual position of the helo relative to the ground.
The colored circle is a representation of the velocityModelSpace vector. It indicates if your helo is in stationary flight or if it's sliding left or right, forward or backward. The best practice is to consider this camera is helping flight, at normal 1st person view. Don't stay focused on it. Try to glance at your vertical position and adjust flight controls according to the intended movement.

GROUP S.A. (Action in menu is optional) - "radar-like" display, useful to have a quick look on the situation of your group:
The units in vehicle are displayed once: commander or gunner or driver. Other embarked units appear when they dismount,
The color of the number is the color of the team from which the units belongs to, The color of the icon is simply the "damage" status of the unit.
You're located in the center of the radar (no icon) and the units are displayed with their relative positions from you. As you are not necessary the leader, N°1 can be displayed. Missing numbers are in vehicle or dead.
In this version, if your entire group is standing within 300 m, the farthest unit gives the range of the display. Beyond 300m, icons are at the edge of the display but the scope range remains a 300m
The range and, when appropriate, the farthest distance, are texted at right of the display.

STICK CHARGE - The SP to MP passage was not simple, due to an incomplete behavior of the attachTo command in Arma. It works at least on vehicles, on some buildings (edited) but fails on plenty of "map embedded" buildings. I'm looking for an evolution of this command, if BI developers do something for that.

GENERAL MENU - A simple button adding an action to the scrollable menu for calling the add-on board display (same as ctrl + alt + U).

To install the MGI Tactical Pack v3 you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use these MGI Tactical Pack v3 please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Is this add-on CPU demanding? - The files weight something like 1/1000e of a heavy units mod. But
they are some demanding functions and sometimes, on each framed calculation.
The demanding tools are those which display many data and drawing. Icons are demanding in regard
of the number of units. Cope with 3 or 4 FPS less.
Personal data probably come in 2nd position due to the ammo drawing: 3 FPS. Full HUD: 2FPS but
the zeroing mode is not very demanding. Group S.A.: 1 or 2 FPS. GPS: 2 or 3 FPS.
In a heavy environment, with plenty of units, all data and all tool displayed, you'll lose about 10 - 12
FPS. But the action menu is here to shut down what is secondary.
The common usage is zeroing display and icons (on field) + GPS. Other data should be very temporary
The other tools (auto-repack, stick charges, CAS, HALO jump...) are on standby until you trigger the
script. Fatigue management is probably the most demanding but you should not notice the

What occurs with BattleEye? So far I tested, you have several possible behaviors:
- Some servers will kick you as your add-on is not recognized. No problem. Each server owner does
what he wants and the smartest way to manage add-ons is to kick unwanted ones, instead of ban in
- I played several good servers, without problem or abuse. In the conception phase, I tried Arsenal on
a Wasteland server and I have been kicked. This is normal. And this is one of the reason why this
option is not available in MP.
- This add-on is focused on the friendly hosted server, with small teams and good missions. If you
want a specific tool or a modification, feel free to ask me. I will not change something for a personal
But I'm listening to admins who would like to adapt the add-on.
- This add-on is signed.

Is there a server side version? No. Remember, this add-on is player sided, with 99% of local displays
or actions. The dialogs with the server are very limited: a check at start to determine if the server is
hosted or dedicated. Then, something triggered by EH when you try to stick a charge (the orientation
of the charge in fact), or the little code when you make a prisoner (not available on dedicated

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Adapted some scripts to multi-addons environment.

Modified some scripts to avoid FPS drop after long pause (to be tested deeper)

Corrected a bug due to new Apex laserDesignator

- corrected grenades behavior in houses
- group sitrep is relative to vehicle player, not player
- corrected position of the icon for the nearest enemy

Light modification taking into account some other mods with custom weapon sway.
UFN, you need to start with Stamina tuning set to "off" if you use another mod. All changes during game or another setting at start will overrun the foreign setting.

- added a letter below zeroing to remember what you are about to throw (G for grenade, S for smoke, L for chem light, F for manual flare)
- improved current weapon indication on zeroing (turrets, grenade launcher)
- modified sequence for adjusting fatigue with the load of the backpack (if overloaded) to avoid (most of the time) the "out of ammo" sentence. (see RoyalDart30 comment)

Corrected a bug for difficulty setting on servers.

- colors of icons are now more consistent with some situations encountered on many servers (wasteland, Invade & Annex, BMR...)
- prisoners' behaviors are slightly modified also;
- changed auto-zooming priorities for GPS;
- added permanent possibility to complete healing when player has more than 3 FAK;

Removed nearest building icon.
Optimized units icons.

Added Event Handler for enabling add-on board on mission resuming.
Corrected icons colors for captive armed units.

HALO jump available during mission, if a player can create / spawn a vehicle named MGI_HALO.
Auto-Repack is now available after switching unit.

Improved weapon holder positioning for prisoners

- Enhanced map markers are now local,
- corrected bug for Group S.A. due to a lack of standardization for config classes of some mods,
- corrected HALO Jump parachute duplication when player opened twice map without clicking for jump.


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