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Requirements: Editor Update 1.02 by LowFly, SLA Urban Warfare Troops by Rellikki and SLX Example People by Solus
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-04-24 17:49

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Punishment Battalion
Lee Hunt

General Beria has put North Sahrani under martial law to exterminate a growing Resistance. Find and recruit the Resistance, rescue your girlfriend, destroy Beria's regime and bases. More details to follow. Choose your own strategy of guerrilla warfare as you go from not even a weapon to master of the Island. Your judgment and instinct on when to fight, when to run and what strategies to employ will make more of a difference than your marksmanship (though you'll need plenty of that too).

Over 130 voiceovers from a dozen different actors
15 cutscenes
Nearly 100 scripts
Many underlying aspects of THobson's game "engine"
The "Mandoble Mortar"
SharkAttack's Airstrike
Unlimited Saves (you'll need 'em! I sure did)
A ruthless enemy counter-insurgency force
Rellikki's SLA Urban Troops
Solus' SLX People

Place the pbo file in your ArmA\Missions folder.

Check the readme file included for more info about the mission.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to my wife and friends for helping me create this adventure and lending their voices, time and feedback! I am also thankful to God for the blessing to even have the time and money to play games!

Cast of Characters

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