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Date: 2018-10-13 13:10

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by Gemini

"OPEX is a masterpiece." (Sowens)
"This mod is awesome and should be approved by Bohemia." (Unknown)
"You have made what I've been looking for since a very long time." (Guim's)
"My friends and I are now only playing this mission." (Neall)
"It's a titan work. Respect." (BingaNarko)
"Thank you and go on, you're the best dude I have a poor PC and OPEX is running fantastic." (NeXoWw)
"God bless you !! To be honest I've never seen someone who is so reactive and attentive to the community's feedback." (Bobzap / Sayker)
"This mission is becoming so epic. I love it."(xaxa)


OPEX: Opérations Extérieures (External Operations) is an immersive fully dynamical task generator introducing the French Army fighting against terrorist organizations all over the world !

  • SP & MP compatible
  • Option menu at startup to customize the mission by enabling/disabling/modifying included features
  • Mission entirely built with random parameters for illimited replayability
  • Let the engine select a random task or select it by yourself among various ones (patrol, defend, attack, rescue...)
  • Additional unique tasks depending on maps, to use some of their unique features (example: searching for caves on FATA...)
  • Fully unpredictible situations to increase stress and realism: in opposite of most of all other similar task generators, enemy strength is fully random and is not based on players numbers
  • Many random AI activities: patrols, ambushes, assaults, kamikazes, weapons caches, IEDs...
  • Dynamical civilian activities
  • Civilian interactions
  • Dynamical reputation: take care of the local population, otherwise it may rise against you
  • Credits system to recruit AI units and to order supplies and vehicles
  • Gain credits when performing good actions (succeeding task, destroying weapon cache, neutralizing IED, arresting suspect...)
  • Lose credits when performing bad actions (failing task, killing civilian, arresting innocent people...)
  • Unlock AI supports by succeeding tasks (example: rescue a pilot to unlock airstrike support)
  • Random starting time with faster day/night cycle to simulates long time operations
  • Improved AI friendly units: they are now able to automatically assign/unassign NVG/flashlight/silencer by themselves, depending on the daytime and on their behaviour instructions
  • Improved AI enemy units: they are now able to board into the nearest empty armed vehicle / static defense in case of danger
  • Optimized AI behaviour (thanks to R3F AiComTarget script)
  • Move and transport almost every item (thanks to R3F Logistic script)
  • Random and dynamic weather (thanks to code34 for his script - I modified it a bit so weather's evolution is now depending on world regions)
  • Ambiance house lights and ambiance animals (thanks to TPW for his scripts)
  • Futurist but realistic electronic tactical glasses (thanks to TPW for his script - I modified it to create motion detector and hearbeat functions)
  • Live video feeds (thanks to BangaBob for his script)
  • Drag injured and dead bodies (thanks to BangaBog for his script)
  • Little immersion tweaks: light sensitive map and NVG's optimized utilisation (thanks to Viperidae for his scripts)
  • Map gestures with nearby players (thanks to dslyecxi for his script)
  • Customizable MP synchronized music receiver for listening music tracks into vehicles
  • Revive & respawn systems
  • Primary needs function: eat, drink and sleep to avoid bad effects
  • Fully functionnal HQ: refuel vehicles, rearm, treat yourself and eat/drink/sleep into the dedicated areas
  • Functions to deactivate/delete that usless units and vehicles to save computer/server ressources
  • Semi-persistent mission: you can save your progression between each task
  • Compatible with Zeus
  • Compatible with additional mods (ACE3, TFAR, ACRE2, bCombat, ASR AI3, Winter 2035...)
  • French and English localizations
  • And much more !


FORE MORE INFORMATION (addons/mods requirements, videos, changelog...)

Please visit the official forum topic.

Enjoy !

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