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Version: 0.7.8

Short description: Extension for Visual Studio Code, that does some syntax error checking, variable existence checking and more.

Date: 2017-05-17 20:22

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Extension for Visual Studio Code, that does some syntax error checking, variable existence checking and more.
It's now completely separated from sqflint CLI tool, with many other features, so I decided to make separate thread for it.

Syntax error checking
Checks existence for variables (global and local)
Go to definition and Find usages for variables
Displays help (hover help and signature help) for BIS/CBA functions and commands
Autocomplete for BIS/CBA functions, commands and unit/ui events
Debugger (RPT file monitor)

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When you understand the above warning and wish to install anyway run the included exe file to install the application.

NOTE: Works best with SQF Language extension

Version 0.7.8
Added basic coloring for EXT/HPP files
Added code completion for description.ext
Hovering over variable will now display its definiton(s)
Update hover format to match default vscode style
Fixed hover documentation for some BIS functions

Version 0.7.7
Removed debug output (sorry)

Version 0.7.6
Fixed HPP parser not working in same cases (switched to different parser generator)

Version 0.7.5
Macros with arguments are now properly handled

Version 0.7.4
switch and try results can now be assigned to variable
Fixed parser not woring at all (don't kill me pls)
Fixed empty files throwing errors

Version 0.7.3
Workspace indexing optimization, SQFLint can now parse multiple files in one process, which greatly incerases performance (this means we have language server behind language server, which is sad)
Fixed some issues with preprocessor

Version 0.7.2
Fixed more HPP parser issues

Version 0.7.1
Fixed hover not vorking
Fixed some HPP parser issues

Version 0.7.0
Added basic description.ext parser, which will try to parse cfgFunctions and load user defined functions (issue #5)
Added new functions and operators
Fixed double indexing

Version 0.6.5
Variables used before being defined are now correctly marked as undefined
Added option to ignore specific variables when checking for definition (ignoredVariables option)

Version 0.6.4
Fixed if result not being assignable to variable (issue #4)
Fixed faulty string being accepted (issue #8)
Macros and includes are now parsed and processed, but include only loads preprocessor commands for now (issue #6)
Part of the grammar was rewritten to support more complex structures and analytics (assignable switch should be in next release)
Added new operators / functions

Version 0.6.3
Fixed variables declared in params or for being suggested with string quotations

Version 0.6.2
Added double indexing to resolve global variables (indexWorkspaceTwice option)
Added option to exclude files from indexing (exclude option)
Marcos and includes are now correctly parsed
Fixed incorrect operator parsing (issue #3)
Fixed incorrect parsing of try, catch and throw (issue #2)

Version 0.6.1
Better variable definition detection (now correctly detects variables in for and params)
Added CBA functions
Added completion and hover info for UI/units events

Version 0.6.0
Added global variables to autocompletion
Added workspace indexing
Added options to: disable warnings, disable workspace indexing
Added experimental debugger, which currently just watches for changes in lastest rpt file
SQFLint jar is now bundled with extension, so you now only need java installed
Actual variable name is now used for warnings and autocompletion (only lowercase version was used previously)
Fixed exec error crashing language server

Version 0.5.5
Fixed autocompletion for BIS functions

Version 0.5.3
Optimization: Limited number of sqflint calls when writing code
previously, sqflint was called on every change, which caused high CPU usage

Version 0.5.2
Some little optimizations
Fixed signature help

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