Author: Uriki9
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Requirements: Arma 3 Apex, Arma 3 Zeus, Marksmen

Version: 1.12
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Gendarmerie Tactique adds a new S.W.A.T like tacical unit to the Gendarmerie police faction of Tanoa.

Date: 2017-12-09 15:22

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Uriki's Gendarmerie Expansion


Gendarmerie Tactique adds a new S.W.A.T like tacical unit to the Gendarmerie police faction of Tanoa.

What is in the mod?
3 new vests
2 new Gendarmerie uniforms
3 new Gendarmerie Hats/Helmets
Gendarmerie Hunter
Gendarmerie MH-9 Hummingbird
7 new Gendarmerie units
A new faction to the BluFor team called Gendarmerie Tactique
All new items are available in the Virtual Arsenal and faction units can be used in zeus and the editor.
And on top of all that this mod is not finished so you can expect more to be added over time,.

Is there something you really want to see added to this mod ? or do you have an idea or concept for additions to this mod ?
Let me know RIGHT AWAY!! add me on steam and we can talk about making your ideas a reality.

To install Uriki's Gendarmerie Expansion you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

How do I contact you ? - Add me on steam.
Will you be adding more to this mod ? - Yes It's a W.I.P.
Where can I get the Server Key ? - Server Bikey is in the keys folder of the mod.

-Communitys & Servers using this mod-
Using this mod on your server ? Let me know right away! and I will link your server and community on this page.

License / Disclaimer:
You may NOT upload this mod to any other website.

You may NOT use this mod on any server that is monetised including but not limited to any premium membership, paid or reserved slots, paid for in-game items, skins, bonuses, any paid for in-game service, any paid for forum or website bonuses such as paid for forum badges, coloured names,forum titles, ranks or any other paid for service.

This does not include donations for server/web hosting costs.

These term of service are subject to change if you use this mod you are agreeing to take responsibility for checking these term of service for updates and changes

Fixed - uploaded the wrong files like an idiot.

Fixed - Long standing issue with Vest configs, all vest in Arma 3 had their armor values unintentionally inflated. Thanks you Steam user "Joe Kerr" for the bug report.

Fixed - Mk20s classname now matches their colour
Fixed - APC hidden turret no longer script based and works in MP correctly
Fixed - Retextured objects reseting to default Arma 3 textures on repsawn andin some other cases
Added - APC texture improvments
Added - Hunter texture improvments
Added - New BTT texture
Added - 4WD with new texture
Added - Assault boat with new texture
Added - New Prowler texture
Added - Showcase mission ( up 16 player armory type mission that shows off all the stuff in this mod you can find it in the mission list when you host a game)

Fixed - Missing Script turret.sqf
Fixed - APC turret not being removed
Added - Gendarmerie Maritime Plane section
Added - Caesar BTT (Maritime W.I.P) - Need testing
Info - Caesar BTT (Maritime W.I.P)
Ctrl + Right Click - while in drivers seat to use the targeting pod.
All controls for the target pod are the same as all other planes.
Use the action menu "Deploy Flares" or press your bound Reload Key to drop 3 super bright flares, they will fall for a second or 2 befor ignition, they will fall slower then normal 40mm flares.
The flares still need testing in MP.

Fixed - Uniforms having no protection vaules.

Changed - Mod rename to "Uriki's Gendarmerie Expansion" to better describe its contents and to match the rest of my mods.
Fixed - incompatibilities with Uriki's Viper Expansion (FKA Black Vipers) and most other mods.
Removed - Cocaine Brick along with editor sections for it. It will be in its own mod called "Uriki's Mission Items" along with other items that I'm working on now.
Info - This updated will require a complete redownload of all mod content as all PBO were renamed to fix the incompatibilities issues above.
Misc - other minor changes (under the hood stuff)

Fixed - missing APC SQF file.

Added - Retextured and turretless Marid to Tactique faction - W.I.P needs testing in MP.
Added - Gendarmerie Maritime Faction.
Added - Hellcat with unique textures for both Tactique and Maritime factions.
Added - RHIB boat with custom texture to Maritime faction.
Added - medics to both factions.
Added - Anti materiel marksman to both factions.
Added - Seaman to Maritime faction.
Added - Pilot to maritime faction.
Added - MH-9 Hummingbird with custom texture to Maritime faction.
Added - New insignia for Maritime faction.
Added - Brick of Cocaine. Is an inventory item and can be used in Virtual Arsenal, Editor and Zeus. It can be found in Empty>Things>Contraband.
Added - Money. Is an inventory item and can be used in Virtual Arsenal, Editor and Zeus. It can be found in Empty>Things>Contraband.
Changed - Tactique faction insignia updated.
Changed - Tactique faction MH-9 Hummingbird now has a new texture.
Changed - Some units now have more ammo by default.
Changed - Some units names have been shortened.
Fixed - Unit now use insignias
Fixed - Uninform insignia slot

Fixed - Corrected Marksman unit name spelling.

Added - Gendarmerie GA Vests x 3
Added - Black Balaclava with black goggles
Added - 3 new units
Added - Black variants of MK20 and MK20c
Added - All new items now have a custom U.I Icon to match there colour
Changed - Units using MXC (black) change to use MK20 with Flash light and ARCO ( I'd like feedback on this change )
Changed - Removed surplus texture files that were no longer needed
Changed - Units now spawned in with Zeus and placed in the edtor now have the Gendarmerie Insignia on arm when applicable
Fixed - some units not showing in Zeus
Fixed - missing U.I icons
Fixed - incorect U.I icons
Fixed - PBO dependences
Fixed - Vests not having correct armour, weight values

Added - New Vest GA Carrier Lite (Gendarmerie) - No units currently using this but its finished and you can use it via the "edit loadout" option in the editor or in the Vurtial Arsenal.

Fixed - Author is not value
Fixed - Missing UI Icons

- first release

- Arma 3 Apex
- Arma 3 Zeus
- Marksmen

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