Open Chernarus Project by DirtySanchez
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DirtySanchez released two versions of his Open Chernarus Project on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds new enterable buildings to Chernarus.
    You can use CUP / A2OP / A3MP / AiA and these should work fine.
    Tested with A2OP at this time and works well.
    Tested with CUP Terrains at this time and works well.(Thanks SPOOK)

    Search and Replace PBO is included now.
    This will run on the server postinit. Meaning PLUG AND PLAY for server owners.
    No need to replace buildings on your own.

    • Open Chernarus Project:
        - Fix Chernarus NWAF Control Tower if you run JBAD buildings
        - Flickering issue of old texture from MAP after building was removed is corrected with this update.
        - New key
    • Open Chernarus Project with JBAD requirement:
        - NWAF Control Tower even though hidden and removed still had Texture appearing with the new replacement.
        - This update corrects the issue and it now looks as it should
        - New key

Written on 2017-01-14 11:01 by Armaholic  

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