SQF Classes for ArmA 3 by dwringer
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Dwringer submitted his SQF Classes for ArmA 3.

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    Many times when scripting in SQF it may occur that implementing object-oriented techniques can simplify or enhance certain abstractions. The technique of using getVariable/setVariable on a unit or gamelogic to store function code or references specific to that unit's situation is a common pattern found in many missions and modules. Here, that idea is taken one step farther: instead of storing functions on game objects, we store an array of class names (representing a chain of inheritance or a mixture of interfaces). Meanwhile, a master Classes array holds a subarray for each defined class, containing a function definition for each class method. With this arrangement and just a handful of primitive functions, an unlimited variety of classes and methods can be declared on-the-fly while a mission is running.

Written on 2016-10-31 11:30 by dwringer  

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