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Requirements: CWR2 1.5, Female Fighters 1.5, CWR2_UK 1.5, CBA (Optional)
Island(s): noe
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.00

Date: 2017-01-29 16:39

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CWR2 Loukov Revolt


September 1985 - Eastern Nogova:
Gen. Guba and his followers wanted to solve the dispute around the Malden islands with the force, the right wing of the Politburo that supports rogue generals, preferred to risk clashes with NATO (even a possible nuclear escalation) instead of a diplomatic solution.
The final was unhappy for soviet forces that were pushed out from the Malden archipelago, Gen. Guba disappeared while most of his followers and subordinates arrested or executed, President Mr. Gorbachev strenghtned his position as president of the USSR and continued with his reformist plan.
Fortunately the dispute did not involve directly Nogova island, but several "Red hand" supporters wanted to help Guba forces, some voluteered in the Malden archipelago as partisan militiamen, but did not return, many others worked to regain power and formed a nogovian paramilitary militia, with a regular secret police force, specialised in counter guerrilla, interrogation and elimination of political adversaries.
Some nogovian soldiers that saw combat in the Malden islands with the soviets, have been repatriated to Nogova where, fomented by leaders and senior members of the Communist Party, organized a paramilitary militia with the express purpose of overthrowing the legitimate democratic government, in clear economical and political difficulties due to the Malden Islands War.
Your fire team, with the duty to protect the village of Loukov and its villagers, is made by six female soldiers lead by Ilona, a few are former women agents of the local police, other simply wifes or girlfriends of combatants of the first liberation war, or simply volunteers with weapons skills.
You have access to a variety of weapons, included a satchel charge on your tactical backpack, make good use of them.

Addons needed CWR2 1.5
Female Soldiers 1.5
CWR2_UK 1.5
CBA (Optional)
JSRS Sound mod (Optional)

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