Bushlurker's Carraigdubh Terrain by Savage_Donkey
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Savage_Donkey released the Carraigdubh Terrain, which was originally created by Bushlurker for Arma 2, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I have decided to port Bushlurker's Carraigdubh terrain in time for Saint Patrick's Day (its 4th anniversary).

    Once again it's time to inflict my obsession with landscape & natural environment modelling on a wider public!
    This time the excuse is, of course, St Patrick's Day, and the landscape in question is an entirely synthetic representation of a small area of County Leitrim, one of the northern Counties of Ireland - close to the border with Northern Ireland.
    Unlike my previous "Geotypical Microterrains" which were essentially public exercises in terrain modelling & texturing, this terrain is considerably more "finished". My central focus, as usual, has been on creating a believable natural environment (that part is mostly finished)... but this time there's actually a few typical locations to visit (these are considerably less "finished" and will be expanded and added to for the final version)...
    Geology & the Local Environment
    County Leitrim contains a great variety of landscapes....

    High moor topped mountains in the north of the County rise above drumlin-covered lowlands, eskers and glens. Geological features shaped by glacial action are a distinctive feature.
    Many areas are noted for their scenic beauty and nature conservation value. (And particularly good trout & salmon fishing!)
    Leitrim, like other counties in Ireland, was subjected to total glaciation on a number of occasions. Glacial episodes have had a profound influence on the landscape, shaping the underlying geology and depositing massive volumes of drift.
    Little is known about earlier glacial episodes as all traces have been erased by subsequent glaciations. In Ireland the most recent glaciation is called the Midlandian Glaciation and occurred roughly 20,000 years ago. The ice extended across Leitrim from North, North East to South, South West...

    During glaciation, erosion was most severe on the higher summits and in the deeper valleys which were aligned parallel to the direction of the ice flow.

    The lowlands by contrast were mantled by a thick cover of stiff, clayey till deposited during a later stage of glaciation which was moulded into the form of small hills or drumlins. These drumlins are generally oval in plan however a broad range of shapes and sizes exists.

    The drumlins are orientated in the general direction of the ice flows and are a valuable indicator of glacial activity.

    Since the majority of soils display significant limitations to agriculture. Combined with the nature of landform, grassland agriculture has been the dominant land use within the County.
    In this synthetic landscape I've attempted to depict all these features within a small but coherent area.

Written on 2017-03-18 13:34 by Armaholic  

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