Author: Crazy Mike
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Requirements: Exile

Version: 0.42
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod aims to add a number of extra items usable either as consumables, buildables, or for scripting commands on EXILE servers, a full list of all classnames are in the readme file for easy addition to servers.

Date: 2018-05-14 08:15

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Extended Items Exile

Crazy Mike

This mod aims to add a number of extra items usable either as consumables, buildables, or for scripting commands on Exile servers, a full list of all classnames are in the readme file for easy addition to servers. This is a small and simple way for Exile server owners to add more to their server then just more guns, all of the items are balanced within normal exile standards, with realistic mass, bonuses, and even typical quirky descriptions found on most other Exile assets to seamlessly integrate them into servers! All assets in the mod are from the vanilla game as I do not have the skill nor budget to purchase custom assets at this time. A full encompassing crafting overhaul has been added to the mod download for server owners who want to take advantage of more parts of this mod.

As expected this mod is dependent on Exile and is pointless without it as there are a number of other mods that do the same/better then this mod, but they are not configured to work how exile works.

CfgExileArsenal is included for all classnames in the mod
CfgCraftingRecipes is included for a complete recipe overhaul

Server owners, please go into the installation folder and follow the .txt documents to set up the mod correctly on your server, a few small things have to be done for it to work as intended. If there is overwhelming negative feedback I will revert the camera changes. (I HATE 3pp abuse)

To install Extended Items Exile you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Extended Items Exile please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Credits & Thanks:
Exile Mod Team

License / Disclaimer:
Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

Mainly weapon related stuff
-Fixed Famas & Groza, eye position is in the correct spot, sounds and functionality overhauled, these are worth using now probably
-Added G36 & G36C
-Added M1 Garand
-Added FN FAL
-Small tweaks to animation / sounds of other guns
-Exile Axe bullet now hits instantly after clicking the fire button (makes using it to damage enemies much easier)
-OTs-14 Groza now has its own magazine
-Small tweaks to weight on some items balance-wise

Check the classnames list in the download for an up to date list of classnames

All weapons are now ASDG JR attachment compatible (nearly all mods with attachments) and are compatible with RHS ammo + vanilla ammo.

Exile_Melee_Axe now has 4m range, melee kills are actually possible now
Reenabled Vanilla A3 hud, make sure your showHUD in your missions description.ext has the vehicle and soldier ui set to FALSE if you do not wish to use it, check the Other Info text file to see exactly what to do.

Made RNG for Old documents less aids, easier to get better blueprints, and retired some of the old ones, matches, ect

Tweaked 3PP Camera

Second part of that small update, ported some arma 2 backpacks
-Added Coyote Backpack (320 Capacity) Exitem_Coyote_Backpack
-Added Czech Backpack (360 Capacity) Exitem_Czech_Backpack
-Added Large Gunbag (480 Capacity) Exitem_Large_Gunbag
-Added Woodsman Backpack (240 Capacity) Exitem_Assault_Backpack
-Added Civilian Backpack (180 Capacity) Exitem_Civilian_Backpack

Small update
-Added Road Flares
-Centered the third person camera, to balance leaning left and right
-Fixed a few model errors

Fixed an oversight, sorry!

Many errors have been fixed as the above files need specific server-side content for them to function properly, aswell as specific mods.
Four new text files have been written up to help server owners add this mod to their servers, including;
-Complete classname list
-Semi-complete price list (all servers have different prices so this would be hard to do lol)
-Many many crafting recipes from my own previous servers, to use in your own servers or as guides in making your own
-Additional information outlining some of the lesser known features of this mod, including a small but deeper progression system

Ths update was mainly a "fix and clean" update, so nothing new was added, only old content that was unused and causing errors were removed, aswell as the highly requested text files with additional information, which also will be updated more in the future as new content is added.

fixed dependancy issue
only exitems_dummy should be updating
no key change

Small changes to exitems_structures
New weapon mosin-nagant, requires project infinite & hlc to function properly
no key change

M107 Sound Deeper
Ghillie Suits bad lods fixed arid/lush
New Key

Ots-14 Groza 7.62 mm
M107 12.7 mm
M110 7.62 mm
SCAR 5.56 mm / 7.62 mm
AKM,RPK,AK74M 5.45 mm / 7.62 mm
G17 9 mm
M9 Beretta 9 mm
Makarov 9 mm
(Famas, bad/unfinished) 5.56 mm
House Lvl 1 + Stages
House Lvl 4 + Stages
Water Catcher
All item\structure models this update are from Nex, Croniccrash, & Hololand
All weapons models this update are purchased or ported by Crazy Mike
Fixed error with wood --> metal upgrade
Fixed error placing campfires outside territories

another small fix, details soon got alot to fix

small fix

Small fix

Initial Push for large update, will be updated again soon and details of update listed, no key change yet

Update with Laws of War Content
-Cinder Block Exitem_cinderblock
-First Aid Kit Exitem_firstaid
-Orange Exitem_orange
-Pumpkin Exitem_pumpkin
New Models for Old Items
-Dirty Bandage
-Military Field Dressing
-Truck Tire
More updates soon with more content!

Added over a dozen new items.
-Beartrap (Non functional yet)
-3 Books
-2 Bricks
-5 Canned Foods
-6 Cereal Boxes
-Medical Kit
-4 Existing items recieved corosponding models to replace the placeholder models
This is thanks to Breaking Point releasing their source files and being licensed under APL-SA, thank them!

fixed key mismatch

removed sound pbo

Fixed derpy pathing causing texture errors

Ported UH1Y crash model from arma 2 for more varied crash site objects

Changed stats on some food items and fixed some model and picture paths
The Exsounds.pbo has another cup dependancy on it and theres just no way around it for what I need it to do, please remove this pbo from your server if you do not use CUP to prevent an error starting up, sorry and thank you.

dependancies should be gone now

fixed volume of some sounds

Fixed another oversight, still has CASounds dependnacy simply remove the exsounds.pbo from your mod folder to fix for the time being if you do not play with CUP Terrains Core

Fixed CA dependancy which was unneccicary and causing dependancy error on startup without CUP Core
Fixed 2 items which were previously not working
Reenabled quick actions to pick up items making looting smoother

Added Raw & Cooked Slab of Meat
Added Buildable vertical pallet
Added dirty bandage
Fixed a few various paths that were messed up

-Fixed Flashlight mass
-Added Block of C4
-Tweaked camera angle

Fixed problem with signature
Added interactions for fixing legs (being overrides, will fix soon)
-Makeshift Splint

Fixed small error preventing use

Added new objects for scriptings
-Fuel Tank
-Windshield Glass

Added new buildables
-Advanced Workbench
-Storage Pallet
-Large Shelf
-Small Shelf
-Gas Cooker
Added new inventory items
-APSI Device
-Multi Meter
-Measuring Tape
Added 25 Blueprints with corrosponding Document to give random blueprint
Overhauled recipe list in mod download for mpmission\Exile.YOURMAP\ config.cpp

MP Signed


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