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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.5.2

Short description: This mod enables you to simulate a biological attack (or anything in your imagination) within a user defined/placed area and the only way you can make it through it is if you have a certain set of gear (all user defined).

Date: 2017-07-12 21:48

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JSHK Contamination Area Mod


What does this mod do exactly?
This mod enables you to simulate a biological attack (or anything in your imagination) within a user defined/placed area and the only way you can make it through it is if you have a certain set of gear (all user defined). This mod is modular and allows you to define any headgear/goggles/uniform/vest (check features list for more details) to be considered necessary gear for traversing the area and there is a detector with sounds when you are in the area (similar to a Geiger counter) so you know if you need to have your gear on or not.

The mod will have no outside dependencies, but will be compatible with ACE3 in the sense of how damage is applied over time to the player if ACE3 is enabled on the client.

Currently Implemented Features:
A mostly modular system:
-Contamination Area Module:
-Use/place as many as the mission calls for
-Name your area (useful with the remove module)
-You can use the module positions as center, or sync it to any number of persons/objects/triggers (an area will be created for each one synced)
-If you do sync it to a trigger with a specific condition, the module will not create the area until that condition is met
-Can choose to make entire map contaminated
-Define custom radius for the cold zone (detectable radius), hot zone (where it can hurt you), and object zone (origin detection radius)
-Choose to show marker on map for the area
-Can be simple marker, to a "Hazardous Area" warning type marker (red in color)
-Choose to delete the area on object destruction (if contam area module is synced with an object)
-Choose time to death when in the hot zone without proper gear (in seconds)
-Choose the level of MOPP required in the area
-No Gear
-MOPP 1: Mask only
-MOPP 2: Mask and Uniform
-MOPP 3: Mask, Uniform, and Vest
-Safe Zone Module:
-Same as Conamination Area Module (see above)
-Cannot apply to entire map
-"Hazardous Area" marker changes to "Safe Zone" (blue in color)
-Remove Contam or Safe Area Modules:
-Provide a single name or list of names to delete on module exectution
-Environmental Effects Module:
-Currently Disabled (I have to completely rework this system...)
-Mask Settings Module:
-Put the classes of the masks you will be using into the three provided categories
-Each category will display a different overlay when the mask is on
-Choose whether or not to have an overlay
-Choose when you can see the mask overlay (1st/3rd person)
-Choose to hear the breathing sound of the mask
-Choose to link the mask sound with player stamina (mask sound is faster as player fatigue increases)
-Detector Settings Module:
-Choose to require detector to hear detection sounds or not
-Choose to allow the use of the directional indicator
-Global Settings Module:
-Define the rest of your gear: uniforms and vests
-Define zone safe vehicle classes
-Enable/disable damage (auto detects ACE)
-Enable/disable auto recovery from damage (for Vanilla damage only, the ACE version will put you in a state of cardiac arrest)
-Debug Module:
-Turn on debug if something just isn't working right, and send me your rpt and we can hopefully figure it out!
The custom contamination detector:
-Custom UI
-Power on/off
-Direction indicator to originating object
-Contamination level indicator (number)
-Time of day
-Detection sound
-Speed of sound varies based on distance from origin of detection zone
-A different sound will play when you reach the "hot" zone
-The hot zone sound will play faster when in the object origin (if using an object as the origin)
Other features:
-Injury sounds (just coughing for now) when in a hot zone without the proper gear
-Should autodetect multiplayer/singleplayer (teamswitch detection for SP)
Future Plans:
-This list will be updated at some point in the near future....

To install JSHK Contamination Area Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

-I fully expect to have to do a hotfix post release as I have not fully tested this as I would have liked too starting with SP up to a dedicated multiplayer session.
If you have an issue with the mod, please post or PM me so I can fix it in a timely manner!
I will more than likely wait a few days (to a week) before pushing a hotfix to make sure I have the majority of the issues reported.
-I do not know how much time I can dedicate to this mod and its evolution, but I do hope to push updates with cool new features as time goes along.
I appreciate your future patience.
Other Notes:
-Make sure that the classnames for the gear DO NOT have quotations in the module input and separate each class with a comma.
-To bring up your detector, make sure it is in your active inventory (the watch slot) and press your WATCH key (default is 'O')

Credits & Thanks:
Some of the community members I really can't thank enough for their help and their patience with my unpredictable schedule:
-Module icon picture
-Mask overlay images
-Gear textures (currently WIP)
Evil Organ:
-Environmental Effects post process effects code (currently WIP)
-Main Modification Logo and Detector GUI Interface aspects
-Detector GUI interface and code

-Added Gear Settings Module (for vests and uniforms)
-Added Player Settings Module (damage handle options)
-Added AI Settings Module (damage handle options for editor placed and spawned AI)
-Fixed critical error in MP where area information was not accessible to connected clients
-Fixed an RPT error that would occur in fn_addArea
-Changed the names of most of the modules to make them easier to follow in the editor interface
-Global Settings Module

-Added aim down sight functionality to allow the mask overlay to still be displayed
-Added further DEBUG handling on gear arrays to ensure classnames provided exist
-Fixed initialization issue with "JSHK_contam_aiAutoRecovery" which would error out when player was in recovery
-Fixed initialization issue with "JSHK_contam_maskTypeOfGear" which caused spamming rpt messages
-Fixed "delete on destroy" handling with add area module

-Added Bikey (and associated folder)
-Added Vehicle Settings Module
-Which will now allow users to input classnames of vehicles, vehicle variable names, and as well as sync the module to any vehicles that will be designated among the "safe vehicles" while in contaminated areas.
-Added unitInit function to clean up the overall initialization of units
-Added a logging function that allows for an infinite number of variables and their associated values to be logged to the rpt when in DEBUG mode
-Fixed a logic error in the damage recovery function
-Fixed an error with the time to death functionality (where a player would die instantaneously when without gear and exposed to an area)
-Fixed a variable handling error that kept the mask overlay from displaying
-Changed the name of the damage handle loop from fn_condLoop to fn_damageCondLoop
-Changed the name of the detector sound loop from fn_inAreaLoop to fn_detectorSoundLoop
-Removed drop-down option for "Mask Overlay Type" in the Mask Settings Module (was redundant given the class pools)

-initial release

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