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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.7.142
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This Addon Pack Contains Redd Vehicles Main, Marder 1A5 (Requires redd_milan_static.pbo) and Static Milan.

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Date: 2018-12-23 13:41

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Redd'n'Tank Vehicles


Addon Pack Contains:
- Redd Vehicles Main (Required for all other addons)
- Marder 1A5 (Requires redd_milan_static.pbo)
- Static Milan

Marder 1A5
- Cargo seats of Marder only accessible if rear ramp is open
- Changing backseats only available if rear ramp is open (because of function above)
- Rear ramp can only be opened and closed by driver or rear FFV-seat
- Turned out Marder Commander can assemble Milan on turret
- FFV, rear-back-seat, left-back-seat, right-back-seat
- Commander has two stances when turned out
- Marder has Static Milan in its cargo
Static Milan
- Static Milan can be assembled and disassembled

To install Redd'n'Tank Vehicles you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:
- Some missing details in Marder interior
- Localization only english and german, all other languages display english names
- Unable to refuel Marder with ACE 3
- Static Milan is not accessible via Zeus

Credits & Thanks:
- Thanks to T4nk for joining me
- Thanks to Tactical Training Team for testing and support
- Thanks to KV-13 Schubert for all background informations
- Thanks to BW-Mod and commy2, Redd_smokeLauncher.sqf based on BW-Mod script by commy2
- Thanks to my wife and my daughter for giving me the time to do all this stuff :*

License / Disclaimer:
Licensed Under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

- Added SpPz 2A2 "Luchs"
- Changed Fuchs now spawnes with closed Bullet Shield
- Changed M120 reloadtime
- Fixed bug where wolf wouldn't be refueled after removing the camonet
- Fixed Wolf slingload points where to low, so Wolf tends to turn on the roof while slingloading
- Fixed added missing TI textures to Wolf
- Fixed added missing TI textures to Wiesel MK20
- Fixed added missing TI textures to all damage and destruct materials
- Fixed model issue with marder commander hatch and milan
- Tweaked all vehicles PhysX
- Tweaked all functions (Thx to commy2)

Version 1.6.131
- Added the ACE ability to be reloaded from ammotruck to M120 (Thx to madpat3)
- Added the ACE ability to check ammo to M120 (Thx to madpat3)

- Added "Toggle MILS" function to M120 Tampella
- Added warhead type "TandemHEAT" from Tanks DLC to TOW and Milan
- Changed moved all strings in one stringtable in main pbo
- Changed adjusted Fuchs wheels hitpoint parameters
- Fixed added missing TFAR radios to Wolf driver, co-driver and medic seat
- Fixed Wolf clan sign is now connected to rear door
- Fixed missing military police sign in Wolf military police version distance LODs
- Fixed missing proxies for large winter camonet in Wolf cargo LOD and distance LODs
- Fixed Wolf flipped clan sign
- Fixed missing Wolf versions to zeus
- Fixed Gepard flipped clan sign
- Fixed missing mortar ammoboxes to zeus
- Fixed typo in "Anti-Aircraft" editor subclass

Version 1.6.116
- Added LKW leicht gl "Wolf" as command version, mortar carrier, medic vehicle and military police version
- Added M120 Tampella mortar
- Added a third B.O. lights option to all vehicles, now you can turn on the front and the rear B.O. lights at the same time
- Added mountable beacon for Marder and Gepard (Commander can assemble and disassemble when turned out, driver can turn on and off)
- Added the "forceFlagTexture" ability to all vehicles. Flags can be set by user action, from commander when turned out or from outside of the vehicle, depening on the flag position
- Added missing editor pre pictures
- Added turretstick animations to Marder and Gepard
- Added Milan backpacks ui pre images
- Added missing shortnames for ACRE2 racks
- Added some Japanese translations (Thanks to classic)
- Added missing Marder indicators (speed,rpm,fuel and custom)
- Added textured emitted front lights to all vehicles
- Added cover for periscope mirrors to all vehicles
- Added muzzle flash to all vehicles
- Added animated antennas to Marder, Gepard, Wiesel MK20 and Wiesel TOW
- Added animated cover for cartridge belt ejection to Gepard
- Readded roadway LOD to Marder, Fuchs and Gepard to stand on top of the vehicles
- Changed 35mm sound
- Changed MG3 sound
- Changed Fuchs engine sound
- Changed exterior periscope mirror texture to a glass texture for all vehicles
- Changed some crew animations
- Changed the front B.O. lights for all vehicles, now they have a small light cone instead of just emitted faces
- Changed frontlight flare position for all vehicles
- Changed beacon flares for all vehicles
- Changed proxies for light cones to all vehicles, now they point more downwards
- Changed classnames for static Milan backpacks
- Fixed missing holes in MG3 Barrel
- Fixed wrong Fuchs PI commander turned in position
- Fixed wrong Fuchs Medic cargo turned in positions
- Fixed custom indicator animations to work in MP
- Fixed wrong Marder texture in Gepard model

- Fixed some texture issues on Gepard 1A2

- Added Gepard 1A2
- Added all wreck models, they can be found under "empty->wrecks->Redd'n'Tank Wrecks"
- Added empty Milan tube, can be found under "empty->things->objects"
- Readded static Milan
- Readded Milan to Marder and Fuchs
- Changed static Milan model and Marder Milan model to Tanks model
- Fixed "Fix GetIn Bug" user action radius was 25 meters, now its 5 meters

- Added some Tank DLC config stuff
- Added distance LODs to Fuchs interior
- Added the "Fix GetIn Bug" user action, so you can now manually unlock the positions which sometimes wouldn't unlock and you cannot enter e.g. Fuchs co-driver anymore
- Added second Animation for Wiesel MK20 commander, now he can switch between a low and a high turned out animation (Low is default)
- Changed RSC UI optics for all vehicles and weapons
- Changed Fuchs "Commander Hatch" is now called "Middle Hatch"
- Changed Marder and Wiesel MK20 turret rotating speed
- Changed new radio model in Fuchs interior
- Tweaked Marder, Wiesel TOW and Wiesel MK20 PhysX
- Tweaked all soundshader
- Tweaked some selection names and removed unnecessary config entries
- Removed Milan on Marder and Fuchs, due to a change in the engine (I think so) it is not possible to aim with the missile if they are not part of the main turret (Will be fixed by BI)
- Removed static Milan due to an issue with the model.cfg for the backpacks

- Fixed broken FFV positions
- Fixed Marder broken sandbags

- Added Wiesel 1A4 MK20
- Added ACRE2 SEM90 Rack with two SEM70 to all vehicles
- Added support for virtual garage to all vehicles
- Added new optics for all weapons
- Changed all optics and separated day and night vision from thermal vision
- Changed MG3 250 rounds magazine to 120 rounds
- Changed Wiesel TOW now has 6 shots
- Changed Wiesel interior engine sound
- Changed reload animation for all Milan weapons
- Fixed Wiesel TOW can now be slingloaded again
- Cleaned all configs from unnecessary entries

Version 1.2.51
- Fixed Wiesel can now be dropped via parachute from ViV-transport

Version 1.2.50
- Added Wiesel 1A2 TOW
- Changed Milan static backpack now carries the ammo for static milan
- Fixed MG3 soundshader
- Fixed MK20 soundshader
- Fixed Milan soundshader
- Fixed error in Fuchs stringtable.xml
- Fixed spelling mistake in Static Milan memorypoints "pos_gunner" and "pos_gunner_dir"

- Added simple thermal texture to Fuchs 1A4
- Removed the function to force players to open doors and hatches manually before entering a vehicle for all vehicles. Seats are no longer locked.
User actions to open doors or hatches are still available, so you can decide by yourself if you want to open a door first or enter a vehicle vanilla style.
- Fixed Marder can now be refueled via ACE3
- Tweaked B.O. lights for all vehicles
- Tweaked some animations

- Addes Fuchs 1A4 Infantry Group-Milan
- Addes Fuchs 1A4 Medic Vehicle
- Added a function to let players only enter vehicles if the doors/hatches are open (player has to open doors/hatches manually. Changing seats inside while doors are closed is no longer possible)
- Added Fuchs mountable rotating beacon (Commander can assemble and disassemble while turned out, Driver and Co-Driver can turn on and off)
- Added Marder "EngineMOI" PhysX parameter
- Fixed, set launching positions for Marder smokegrenades on the correct position
- Removed stabilization for Marder maingun
- Changed, MG3 closeShot sound
- Changed german displayname "Beschussschild" -> "Beschussklappe"
- Changed position for Marder gunner to enter the vehicle to the rear ramp (rear ramp has to be open for entering)
- Tweaked Fuchs Gearbox so it will not stuck at 30 km/h at normal acceleration (W)
- Tweaked Marder Gearbox a bit
- Tweaked Marder engine parameters a bit

- Added Fuchs 1A4 Infantry Group
- Added Fuchs 1A4 Engineer Group
- Added new PhysX parameters to Marder
- Added some MG3 mid and distance sounds from BW-Mod (Thanks to Ironie)
- Added 500 rounds MG3 magazines
- Fixed Marder tracks can now be repaired via ACE3
- Changed, Marder maingun is now stabilized in all axes
- Changed, Marder countermeasures moved to commander
- Changed the spelling of all folders to lower case
- Changed MG3 tracercount
- Changed Redd_smokeLauncher.sqf so it will work for vehicles without turrets
- Changed SoundShaders for MG3
- Tweaked Marder engine parameters

- Added new Redd'n'Tank logo
- Added Marder Drivewheel animation
- Fixed issue where choosing 2nd company shows the letter 1
- Tweaked Marder Geo LOD, GeoPhysX LOD...again, tell me if it still flips


- Fixed issue where crew can get killed by small arms from outside of the vehicles, now it is possible to shoot or throw grenades through the rearramp
- Fixed missing modelpart
- Fixed missing track animation

Version 1.0.2
- Added strings for Marder 1A5 Eden attributes in stringtable.xml
- Fixed some commander animation issues

Just added an image to the steamsite


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