Author: V. Berlio
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.4
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod introduces over 80 solutions to solving your problems of getting shot in the chest, legs, arms, or even your head and face. These solutions range from steel plates to ceramic plates to polyethylene plates to kevlar to even more exotic solutions.

Date: 2018-04-20 22:49

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Advanced Armor Plate Mod

V. Berlio

The next generation Armor Overhaul for ARMA III, brought to you by SonicT and V. Berlioz. This is the definitive evolution of both AAPM 1.0 and AAPM Gold.

Welcome to the future of body armor simulation. This mod introduces over 80 solutions to solving your problems of getting shot in the chest, legs, arms, or even your head and face. These solutions range from steel plates to ceramic plates to polyethylene plates to kevlar to even some more exotic solutions. In order to use these, just go into Virtual Arsenal, select your vest, go into the '+' menu, and select whatever armor pieces you want. Put them in your vest and you're ready to go. We have full-body armor, chest armor, helmet boosters, and some totally situational stuff.

In ARMA III, you're certainly used to your armor ranging from Level I to Level V... well not anymore. Here at AAPM 2.0, we offer armor solutions all the way up to MIL-VIII (Level 8!), which is rated to withstand .50 BMG. It's realistic, too! Most of our armor solutions are taken from reality and perform in-line with their real life counterparts. Some pieces, like our MIL-V Uniform UP, are designed to fufill the community's desire for what is essentially Juggernaut Armor. Remember, without management your armor will get heavy. I strongly request server owners to regulate which armor pieces are and are not allowed, because some of our more powerful options can turn the tide of any battle.

The mod is fully functional with and without ACE3 installed. It is highly recommended that you run ACE3, however, because the mod is mostly designed with it in mind.

Remember, if someone doesn't die... use a bigger gun. Good hunting, gents!

To install Advanced Armor Plate Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Introduced the Final Solution.
Credit goes to these folks for the original damage overhaul code:

Second "SOCOM" update.
Completed distinction between Boron Carbide and Aluminum Oxide plates. The latter are more at-risk against AP ammunition.
Introduced the "SOCOM SAPI" backstop, which when loaded behind an ESAPI will grant the wearer MIL-VII protection while also acting as a trauma pad. This should give some of you some ideas.
Some quick balance adjustments.

The "SOCOM" update.
Kevlar is now suspectible to AP projectiles wholesale to a much higher degree than hard armor.
Introduced the secretive TSAPI in use with USSOCOM alongside its heavier brother the H-TSAPI. Both plates come in 8X10, 10X12, and 11X14. They are extremely powerful, with the TSAPI being rated at MIL-V+ and the H-TSAPI in use with 1st SFOD-D "Delta Force" rated at MIL-VII. Both plates are of entirely Titanium construction and are full-size versions of the Titanium "backstop plate" in use with US Navy SEALs.
Small Depleted Uranium and H-ESAPI buff.

Fixed the problem with ACE Arsenal. All inserts are now visible in the Magazines tab.

Surprise! I'm BAAAAACK.

1. Introduced Depleted Uranium plates. Better than ceramic at handling AP and extremely durable (twice as tough as steel) while also being extremely heavy.
2. Removed the crappy damage text. Your battles are now popup free.
3. Some plate rebalances.
4. New RMA plate in addition to some other new ones.
5. Total AP system overhaul. All plates are now more suspectible to AP ammunition.
6. AP velocity overhaul. Projectiles over 1200m/s will have virtually no issue clearing most plates.
7. did NOT fix the ACE Arsenal issue, that's something I gotta do later.

Can somebody please tell me if there are performance issues in this update? I made some substantial script changes.

Fixed the bug where the PAD value would reset to 16 from 4.2. Plates are now vastly more consistent upon server and mission restarts as well as player respawns.
Introduced additional Power Armor inserts.
Minor balancing tweaks

Added new inserts in advance for the release of Project Pitman. They can only be equipped by the Pitman.

Fixed the issue with Tactical Vests appearing to all be black.

Fixed the problem, had a bad script. Merry Christmas!

Added the last remaining pictures.

Completed name overhaul. Armor ratings go first.
Some plate rebalancing here and there.
Everything now has a picture!

Introduced new russian plates and a total overhaul of the GOST rating system to bring it in line with the circa-2014 revision in real life.
New russian plates include new titanium models and a next-generation 12.7x108mm-rated plate.

Introduced 8x10 and 11x14 versions for several popular plates.

Increased default PAD divisor from 4 to 4.2, which makes the plates roughly 25-50% better against their respective threats.

Consolidated Helmet Boosters and Headshot Guards.
Deleted "item" type plates and made magtype plates visible. Now you can just go to the 'Magazines' section of Virtual Arsenal and select your plates that way without any hassle.
Introduced a series of very powerful 2035-era armor plates suited for NATO and CTRG.
Introduced new whole-body Trauma suits.
Some other changes here and there.

Grenades no longer send the living airborne.

Adjusted weight values to be more realistic. Ceramic and steel plates now weigh-in at real-life 10x12 values.

CUP weapons have now been added to the LPENET-PENET-SPENET system. 9x19mm and .50 caliber weapons are now much more realistic.

Just got more realistic.
Changed divisor to 4 from 6.
To fight at point-blank is now risky business. Expect plates to outlive their owners.

Completed new overhaul.

Made some further tunes.

Changed divisor for trauma simulation from 16 to 7. Furthermore, plates have recieved a total overhaul with regards to energy transfer across-the-board.

Heavily reduced trauma protection for steel plates.

Rolled back 2.2.1 changes.

Heavily increased durability across-the-board.

Introduced the new durability system at last.

Changed a portion of the energy transfer overhaul to be closer to the old version. Plates should be at about full power level in anticipation of 2.2's durability system implementation.

Released intermediate update in anticipation of AAPM 2.2.
New plates.
Value reworks.
Energy Transfer Overhaul.
Substantial Rebalances.

Introduced new plates from the Battle of Okinawa all the way to the late 1970s.
Rebalanced some other plates.

Did some plate rebalances.
AR500 plates are now heavier. Introduced new Maximum Coverage options.

Moved autoequip function to Optionals. You are now responsible for equipping the AI with plates.
Made some tweaks here and there.

Introduced the Hardcore Declarer, a special piece of equipment that, upon placement in your vest, will turn the game into one-shot-kill mode unless you're running very heavy body armor.
It deducts thirty armor points from all regions of your body.

Buffed MIL-V and VI plates.

Introduced the AR500 Level IV/MC. Changed the two steel MC plates to be heavier to balance out their additional power.

Massive overhaul of plate performance. Solved the issues with RHS and other mods. Plates now handle far more realistically and the blunt force of the impacts will actually transfer in a more realistic fashion. The days of men surviving hundreds of bullets are behind us, gentlemen.

New damage overhaul: impacts are now more crisp. Reduced the power of some Uniform Inserts, heavily nerfed the ESAPI Ceradyne. Removed Realism Weights. RHS compatibility is now present.

Finalized the aforementioned parts.

Removed chest armor from the Uniform Armor pieces. If you want chest armor, use a chest insert.

Expanded Penetrator list to include CSW M995, 7N39, and others.

Introduced the H-ESAPI, AR500 Level VI, and a few other plates.

Reworked impact model. Now plates are far more consistent and realistic.

Fixed 6B83 plate weight.

Introduced even stronger uniform armors.
Introduced a Depleted Uranium MIL-IX plate.
Introduced new Titanoceramic MIL-IX and MIL-X plates.
Minor weight rebalance.

Total and complete weight overhaul. Vests can now hold substantially more stuff while plates now weigh in at just about their actual real-life values.
Introduced super-heavy uniform and head-face armor pieces just in case anyone feels like pulling a Juggernaut.

Introduced an overhaul of helmet boosters.
Some new plates here and there.
Expanded the DARPA Titanoceramic selection.

Made some rebalances. Introduced new DARPA Titanoceramic plates ranging from MIL-VA to MIL-VII with regards to protection. They are likely some of the most potent plates in the mod.


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