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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.53b

Date: 2018-02-11 10:55

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Birdy Wars - Where Little Birds Soar!


This is a mission I made based of "Heliborne" with focus on only ground support. Wanted the game with an Arma 3 flight model, so this is what I came out with. A project made out of fun, but I thought it would be fun so I decided to put in the workshop.
I wanted to play Heliborne but I was looking for something closer to Arma 3's flight model and also wanted an actual reason to transport units and land them, rather than the usual heli-taxi mission you see made in the community. (Not because that's what the waypoint says, but because you have to insert the troops there to maybe flank or capture the sector faster.)
So Birdy Wars is what came out of that desire. (I ended up focusing on this so much more than actually learning how to fly the helicopter though... T-T )
Wonder if I can make a trailer out of it :P

Quick SP and MP Description:
SP (player in MP actually)
- Be able to practise transporting troops to LZ or doing combat runs on AI running around to secure sectors
- Just fly.... Don't bother about anything else

- Go against each other to support your ground AI units to capture the sectors.
- Play in Either Ground support Only or Pilot vs Pilot

Actual Feature Description:
- 5v5 Ground Support Only or Pilot vs Pilot modes (Set in Parameters; Should be working but require more testing too.)
- Ground Support Only = Players should only aim for AI and Player damage does nothing to each other.(As of now, a "should be")
- Pilot vs Pilot = PvP, nothing else said...
- AI-based Sector Control (You support the AI to capture the Sector)
- Pawnee for combat roles
- Humming Bird for support roles(Spotting, Reinforcements)
- Spotting:- Apply enemy side in range with smoke/flares depending on day/night. (range set in parameters)
- Reinforcements:- Pick up small units from base and inserting them close to sectors to make them assist the attack on the ground.
- Simple Repair and Rearm function back in base after landed and engine turned off.
- "Advanced" AI to move/attack sectors according to sectors controlled.
- Map Tracker to help keeping friendly units' position in check(Still need to learn how to clean up people who changed team and leave i think.)
- RHS compatible; Specifically RHS USAF and AFRF. (Set in parameters too.). Default in Vanilla mode.

Roadmap(Might sound a bit too massive though, lol)
- Better Clean-up system
- Still unsure of adding MELB in.
- AI polishing. (Not like FFIS or bcombat, but just how the AI's waypoints is being decided.)
- Limitations of different features to prevent overuse/server crash.
- Infantry roles to facilitate non-rotary players.
- Still trying to find out how to set score to reach a finale, so there are no end to this mission as of now.

- Added Parameter to choose whether to allow players to be armed and also include Virtual Arsenal for more customization.

- Quick Update to a script bug.

- Solved ticket parameter bug where its not reflecting on screen.

- Re-arrange parameters
- Added parameter to select initial ticket count to allow rough gauge of match duration.

Quick Fixes
- Repair and Rearm will force all players in vehicle to alight and the vehicle will be locked till repair complete.
- Clear the vehicles from items other than ammo.
- Gave all players binoculars, for people interested in some sort of actual spotting.
- Clean up some script algorithms.

- Added One more player per side
- Ground-Based Support Available: 3 drivers per side! Vehicles use the same way as the helicopters, 1 armed and 2 unarmed for transport. (Added as requests from friends that want to join in the fun but didn't want to fly the helicopter.)
- No spotting for transport vehicles though
- Pilots can't drive and Drivers can't fly
- RHS enabled too.
- Clean up of Stationary units should be faster now.
- Patrols now spawn for taken Sectors. (Require more indepth testing for sector change though.)
- Bases moved to accommodate vehicles
- Attempted to restrict pickup so that when you have more than 2 members in vehicle, you can't pick up any more reinforcements.
- GAZ's AGS_30 have been removed from the vehicle itself for a more equal balance, you shouldn't be able to use it, though the 3d model still exists.

- Edited AI script to be simpler. (Would see them stand still at some point but, once it's cleaned up, they should move a lot better, compared to the current one.)
- Edited a bug where AH-6M gets the same options as utility helis.
- Checked that the Repair and Rearm message is only local in a recent server test.
- Slightly improved the Clean-up script. (Hopefully.)
- Had a recent game with friends, using this current release. Other than the AH-6M extra options bug, the overall seems to be working fine, which is solved before release.

- Added RHS MELB Helicopters if RHS is enabled. Thanks to PokerTour's suggestion.
- Because of countermeasures in those helicopters, RHS Squad has been tweaked to include AA so be ready! :D
- Also, Reinforcements does not include AA to prevent player spam, so only the auto-spawn AI have AA.
- Solved a bug in why Blufor might only have 5 soldiers nstead of 6 by spawn.
- Require feedback if it is necessary to disable TI equipments on helicopters. (Whether if they make spotting enemies unnecessary on the MH-6M or hummingbird.)
- Attempted to solve Game-wide announcement on Repair. (Found by Ellman. Require Feedback.)

- Solved a bug on opfor Helicopter Spawn
- Solved a glitch where you can just start your engine after starting Repair. (Thanks to HazJ for pointing it out)

- Fixed Major bug after manual helicopter spawn.
- Insert, Pickup Reinforcements and Spotting should be working again.

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