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Requirements: CUP Unit, Weapons & Vehicles, CBA3 and RAVAGE
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Version: .95

Date: 2017-12-25 11:25

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Atrocity pt 1

Smitty J

NOTE: This mission is a WIP, near completion and completely playable but keep in mind, the items still in development are some major story arc stuff.

This mission requires CUP Weapons, Units & Vehicles along with CBA3 and RAVAGE by haleks


The world went to war, the war to end all wars. The USS Lakota now stands utterly alone, stranded after the months long journey to Tanoa.

  • The world degenerated into political and societal chaos, nearly all superpowers chose a side.
  • The war this lead to seemed inevitable after the events of the 'Great Divide'. And the chain reaction of nations unleashing their most cruel, inhumane and powerful means of warfare resulted in the near extinction of society and civilization as we know it. The world burned, choked... smothered, victims to the wrath of powerful men... only a few isolated corners of life surviving.
  • The remainder of earth suffering under neverending clouds, dust, fog all of which seem to contain low levels of radiation, charged particles and other permanent atmospheric effects that have rendered communications and signal tranmissions of any kind virtually useless. Compasses even malfunctioning except in rare, low impact areas.
  • Short range comms are all that's left, the crew of the Lakota over time have found ways to live with it but the struggle is neverending.
  • The Lakota was part of Task Force 76 and was enroute with NATO forces on board to bolster Tanoa's NATO presence, prior to the war. Most major fleets on all sides worldwide, came under direct attack during the war. The Lakota narrowly escaping complete destruction, with the help of allies and civilians alike, the rag-tag group managed to limp its way to Tanoa... on unreliable bearings that had them sailing blind.
  • You play the role of Captain J Nolan, the leader of an elite NATO squad known only as 'Phantom.' Phantom group was along for the ride to the Tanoa area as their assignment was to take place there as well.
  • You are one of roughly 3 people remaining in the Lakota group who can fly helo's effectively and of the 3 you're the very best, the only one with experience in multiple craft.
  • Phantom has been crucial in helping establish a new FOB for the remaining NATO forces and Lakota survivors but the future ahead is still questionable.

This is their story...

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