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Version: 1.00
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Fingolfin_A3's Altis Armed Forces 2017 is great for contemporary operations, but it's not compatible with ALiVE, thus I made this faction override.

Date: 2018-04-04 09:15

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Altis Armed Forces 2017 ALiVE Compatibility Config


Fingolfin_A3's Altis Armed Forces 2017 is great for contemporary operations, but it's not compatible with ALiVE, thus I made this faction override. I moved the original groups to an applicable group, and the Altian Police was moved to the Special Forces category. I added a few extra groups to both the AAF and the Altian Rebels to give these factions more variety when ALiVE spawns them, the new groups might be subject to change/removal if the original mod author adds similar groups in the future.

Hopefully RHS makes a proper compatability config like they've done with the RHS mods.

And just to be clear; nothing is changed in the original mod.

To install Altis Armed Forces 2017 ALiVE Compatibility Config you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Class names:

AAF: FGN_fractionAAF (with ALiVE modules use: Mechanized, Motorized, Light Infantry, and Spec Ops)
FIA: FGN_fractionFIA (with ALiVE modules use: Motorized, and Light Infantry)

New groups:

* Artillery: BM-21 Platoon, BM-21 Section.
* Infantry: Anti-Armor Section, Fire Team, Sapper Section, Machine Gunner Section, Weapons Section.
* Mechanized Infantry: Air Defense Section (BMP-3), Anti-Armor Section (BMP-3).
* Motorized Infantry: Motorized Air-Defense Section, Motorized Anti-Armor TSection, Motorized Reinforcements.
* Support Infantry: Anti-Armor Section, Sapper Section, Weapons Section, Machine Gunner Section.

Altian Rebels:
* Infantry: Fire Team.
* Motorized Infantry: Technicals, Motorized Reinforcements.
* Support Infantry: Support Team (Bone-setter), Support Team (Mechanic), Support Team (Miner).

Config current as of Version 0.8.2 of Altis Armed Forces 2017.

Requirements: ALiVE, Altis Armed Forces 2017, Community Based Addons, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSSAF, and RHSUSAF.

ALiVE is not really a requirement, but this config is made to be used with ALiVE, otherwise it's just redundant and you should just keep to the original mod.

Known issues:
* The Military Air Component Commander might be a little finicky with the Altis Armed Forces, when I've synced empty helicopters to the Virtual AI System for the MACC to use helicopter pilots will not spawn. However, empty aircraft synced will spawn with pilots as normal, and air assets spawned by MACC and the Military Placement modules will have manned helicopters.

* If you want the MACC and the 2017 AAF to use the A-149 Gryphon you must pick the vanilla AAF as faction for the MACC (other modules should still be 2017 AAF) otherwise Gryphon pilots will not spawn and man the Gryphon. Virtual AI System synced L-159 Alca will be manned regardless if the faction in the MACC is vanilla AAF or 2017 AAF. Feel free to report back if you have better luck with synced empty helicopters than I have.

* The Offroad vehicle groups with the Police Units spawns two extra police officers with ALiVE that cannot fit in the vehicle and are forced to patrol on foot, thus all vehicle police groups have been removed. Original groups are still there, just not in ALiVE compatible groups.


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- Altis Armed Forces (2017)

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