Author: NinjaRider600
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.22.6

Short description: Modified/updated version of HETMAN - HAL 1.22 by Rydygier

Date: 2018-09-20 08:28

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HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

NinjaRider600 and Rydygier

This is a a modified/updated version of HETMAN - HAL 1.22 by Rydygier which includes various changes/upgrades concerning battlefield immersion and compatibility with dedicated server. The functionality of the script itself is relatively untouched and should work the same way HAL 1.22 does. For a detailed description of the original system by Rydygier, you can find his here.

-[ADDED] Radio chat with both sound and text from other AI groups and LeaderHQ work on both dedicated server and singleplayer (added a sideradio function);
-[ADDED] Orders from HQ usually given through OLYMPUS work on dedicated server as well;
-[CHANGED] Contents of the order messages from HQ use squadID instead of mission names and come from the Leaders themselves instead of OLYMPUS channel;
-[CHANGED] New markers for debug of a more aesthetic variant with additional info such as groupID;
-[CHANGED] Revamped the task system for players to work on dedicated server (instead of only giving a notification) and to include more immersive tittles and description while also using tasktypes for more interesting tasks;
-[CHANGED] Removed the markers for players in the debug since the task system takes care of it. Made the markers for players same as for AI groups;
-[CHANGED] Fixed different typos;
-[CHANGED] Changed the contents of the radio calls to something that I find more immersive;
-[ADDED] "AreaTakenA" or "AreaTakenB" config values to add in init of Gamelogic representing objective for BigBoss


Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition] please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

User manual of the original mod:

So far, I have only made a script version of the modified system which means that you will have to include all the contents of the script's files in the directory of the mission on which you want the system to run.

Quoted from the original thread:
"To activate HAL for one side, one of the units of that side must be named LeaderHQ. Essential also is the placement on the map of any object (for example, an empty trigger) named RydHQ_Obj1. The location is entirely your choice. Its position will designate a target point which the Artificial Commander will try to conquer at first (for example, a spot near the leader of the opposing side).

Analogously, there should be placed in freely chosen areas (eg in cities, strategic positions or simply nearby opposite Leader) three other objectives (RydHQ_Obj2, RydHQ_Obj3, RydHQ_Obj4), which will be conquered in numerical order. If the mission designer wants less than four objectives, then simply place the unneeded objectives at same position as the ultimate objective.

For the script version only, to initialize HAL the following code should also be executed in some way, e.g., by placing the following script in the init field of any object (for example, in the activation field of an empty trigger or waypoint):

nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf";

Alternatively, that line may be placed at the end of a mission's init.sqf. Init.sqf is recommended place for init config variables (beacuse of better readability), especially for bigger configs, eg containing RHQ arrays.

See included manual for all details, and there is lots of them."

As said by Rydygier on the original thread, it is important to read the user manual in order to properly setup HAL and fully enjoy its capabilities.

Bug reporting:
If you encounter any bugs concerning the modifications I have made to HAL 1.22, do not hesitate to provide feedback on the BI Forum thread of this addon as it will help me improve the script. If the bugs are concerning HAL 1.22's core functions, I'd recommend taking it to the original thread as my help will be quite limited here and your feedback would be more useful to Rydygier.

Credits & Thanks:
All credits for the original system go to Rydygier who created this powerful script that has been greatly improving large scale battlefield scenarios since previous versions of Arma.

-Reconfigured the tasking system for non-dedicated environments. Last version was broken in some instances;
-Completely rewrote the task control system introduced previously for major optimization and reliability;

-HAL 1.22.5
-Minor optimization of the new BB config values;
-Updated task names for cargo missions;
-Changed the tasking system so that the enhanced tasks show up in non-dedicated environments;
-Added task control from squad leaders. Leaders can now deny tasks and enable/disable tasking for their squad if RydHQ_TaskActions = true;

-HAL 1.22.4
-Added new "AreaTakenA" or "AreaTakenB" config values for Big Boss objective

-HAL 1.22.3 (release)
-Added dedicated server compatibility for tasks
-Added new markers for debug with new descriptions and information
-Revamped the tasking system.

-HAL 1.22.2 (testing)
-Added dedicated server compatibility for radio orders from HQ

-HAL 1.22.1 (testing)
-Added dedicated server compatibility for radio

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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