Author: Dedmen Miller
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 325
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is a beta release! Please keep in mind that Bugs are more frequent here than on the Stable release.

Date: 2019-10-14 16:01

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Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA)

Dedmen Miller

This is a beta release! Please keep in mind that Bugs are more frequent here than on the Stable release.
This also means that any updates to this Workshop Item can completly break TFAR and make it unusable. It only happened a couple times during 1.0 development so far but it could always happen again.

I'm a Readme. I may not look like it but I am quite nice if you get to know me better.

Discord server for latest updates and support:

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To install Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Added allowDebugging setting to let server owners disable debug tools
Moved CuratorCamEars to clientside CBA setting
Added setting to disable automove while in spectator (@Liquid)
Truncated Radio names in Hint to 20 characters
Rewrote Keybinding hacks (sprinting while radioing now also works for multi-key binds and additional transmit keys)
Disabled Keybinding hacks in Zeus Interface
Added help diary entry to briefing screen (@Liquid)
Added setting to disable diary entry (@Liquid)
Add support for radios in Contact DLC (@Dahlgren)
Updated Russian Translation (@Liquid)
Fixed Cycle SR/LR keybinds (@Liquid)

Fixed static radio zeus module not properly exiting if not placed on a radio
Disabled errorLevel warning
Removed access to dead bodies radios from spectator @thePier @Liquid
Fixed spectator stuck in intercom when dying in vehicle @thePier @Liquid
Reduced default Intercom volume
Fixed LR radio on speaker not playing radio sounds @thePier

Added compatibility for Teamspeak API 23

Fixed ACE Interaction menu when having a LR Radio

Fixed undefined variable in fnc_lrRadiosList (@C0kkie)
Fixed serverside radion instanciation
Update Japanese translation (@classicarma)
Fixed potential plugin crash if TFAR plugin is confused (@Saborknight)
Added stop radio transmission when entering zeus
Fixed not getting encryption codes for vehicles
Removed alternate transmit keybinds
Fixed 3DEN static radios not getting correct encryption code
Improved Arma tabbed-in detection
Fixed handling of non-ascii characters in sound file path (@BayCat)
Added setting to disable directional voice cone (@C0kkie)
Fixed couldn't hear yourself in speakers (@psYGer)
Changed "Name" in plugin installer (Now finally allows to install plugins in parallel using plugin installer)
Fixed missing radio effect and distance falloff on speakers
Added version entries to CfgPatches (@Schwaggot)
Added ACE Interact
ions to switch radio speaker

Fixed 3D voice position jitter when in fast moving vehicles (@C0kkie)
Fixed TFAR_fnc_isSpeaking
Fixed impossible to use numbers as vehicleIDOverride (@Verdehile)
Added option to configure objectInterception strength
Fixed objectInterception never activating
Fixed Vehicle Speaker radio barely audible while inside same vehicle (@ke3p)
Fixed invalid parsing of vehicleID on speaker radios
Fixed Radio towers not being unregistered when deleted (@Lifetap [3CB])
Added Display current settings in zeus static radio module if radio is already initialized
Fixed Zeus static radio module always setting volume to 0
Fixed default frequency 3DEN Attribute not working (@Iceman) This breaks pre-defined frequencies in old missions, assignments need to be re-done
Fixed static radio initialization for LR Radios
Fixed channel switch every 10 minutes after session lost

305 (no plugin update)
Fixed TFAR_OverrideActiveLRRadio support (#1445)

Added can now confirm frequency with Enter or Numpad-Enter key
Fixed keeping LR Radio after exiting vehicle
Improved sound occlusion in vehicles (alot)
Fixed local radio sounds not respecting stereo setting
Fixed missing typeName for 3DEN frequency attributes
Fixed radio stereo setting not working

Fixed script error when inside vehicle (TFAR moving out of channel)
Added experimental feature to read vehicle isolation from Arma config (Can be disabled via cba settings, is enabled by default. This change means that the vehicle isolation is now read from the Mods/Vanilla config, meaning errors with that are the Modders/Bohemia's fault :D)

Fixed script error with new experimental vehicle isolation
Changed don't consider players for object Interception anymore
Fixed not releasing force PTT onGameEnd
Tried to fix object interception glitching
Fixed script error on TFAR 3DEN Attributes

New Pre-release 309 (only plugin)
Fixed not able to talk after mission end

310 (only plugin)
Fixed not able to talk with voice activation after start of game

Improved radioRequest Performance
Fixed vehicleID and defaultIntercom 3DEN properties only working on host
Fixed script error in fnc_isTurnedOut when in a vehicle but also not

**Renamed Teamspeak Plugin to TFAR_winXX (From task_force_radio_winXX)**
**Renamed Modfolder to @TFAR (From @task_force_radio)**
Changed voice volume total to 200%
Changed Harder voice falloff at end of voice range
Fixed Don't localize 3den category classname
Fixed TFAR_OverrideActiveLRRadio implementation
Fixed AN/PRC-155 UI frequency unreadability @C0kkie
Fixed syntax error that broke moveWhileTabbedOut setting
Fixed potential failure to join TS channel if plugin is enabled after already ingame
Fixed Unsung Mod causing initialized radio types to show up in Arsenal @shukari
Fixed relay antennas not being considered when outside of radio range
Added defaultIntercomChannel setting and 3DEN Attribute
Added VehicleIDOverride 3DEN attribute
Fixed TFAR Relay Tower not showing up in Zeus
Fixed radio with 0.9 classname would spam inventory with new radios
Fixed bigger TFAR_globalRadioRangeCoef would decrease range instead of increasing
Added LR Radios to Tanks DLC vehicles
Changed plugin displayname to "Task Force Arrowhead Radio" (Instead of "Arma 3 Radio")
Fixed Static Radio LR Speaker attribute
Added warning if different TS plugins are loaded at the same time
Added warning if TS Plugin is too old for current mod version
Changed name of deprecated items to clearly show they are deprecated.
Added OnFrequencyChanged Eventhandler (`"OnFrequencyChanged", [TFAR_currentUnit, _radio, _channel, _oldFrequency, _frequency]`)
Added OnFrequencyChangedFromUI Eventhandler (`"OnFrequencyChangedFromUI", [TFAR_currentUnit, _radio, _frequency] `)
Replaced Raise/Lower Headset hotkeys by a single toggle hotkey.

Fixed radioList aggregating radios when remote controlling @ConArts
Fixed Raise/Lower Headset ACE Interactions not showing their name
Fixed TFAR not accepting plugin commands (caused by the namechange)
Fixed too low compressor threshold (Voices with TFAR enabled being considerably quieter as with TFAR disabled)

Fixed unable to choose intercom channel
Reduced default Intercom Volume
Reduced default Radio Volume

Add variable for radioReplaceProcess PFH ID
Fixed second SR Radio not being instanciated
Fixed cannot release LR Tangent after leaving vehicle
Add warning if server API doesn't match client(gewijzigd)

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