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Requirements: IFA3 AIO Lite

Version: 3.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Messerschmitt Bf-109 is a German fighter aircraft that was used during World War II. It is considered by many as the backbone of the Luftwaffe and was used from 1937 to 1945.

Date: 2020-05-29 11:46

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Messerschmitt Bf-109


This addon was designed to run along side IFA3 and functions almost the same as the planes in that addon. This addon also uses some code from the Arma 3 Samples. Work is still needed, but the aircrafts are fully functional.

The Messerschmitt Bf-109 is a German fighter aircraft that was used during World War II. It is considered by many as the backbone of the Luftwaffe and was used from 1937 to 1945. It first few on May 29, 1935 and first saw combat during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. The aircraft was originally designed as an interceptor, but saw multiple uses for escorts, fighter bomber, ground attack, and reconnaissance missions throughout all European fronts during World War II. Compared to other German aircrafts at the time, the Bf-109 was the most common aircraft that the Allies faced in aerial combat and remained very competitive against the latest Allied aircraft throughout the entire duration of the war. The Bf-109 has had many variants during its time of service which includes:
Bf-109a/b/c/d - planned
Bf-109e - Included in addon
Bf-109f - Included in addon
Bf-109g - Included in addon
Bf-109h (prototype)
Bf-109k - WIP
Bf-109t (carrier borne)
Bf-109tl (concept jet plane)
Bf-109 v-13 & v-14 (air racer)
Bf-109w (sea plane)
Bf-109x (concept plane)
Bf-109z (prototype)

Description of this Addon:
This adds the Bf-109 to Arma 3. Variants included in this addon are:
Bf-109e with 15 textures
Bf-109f with 7 textures
Bf-109g (early) with 7 textures
Bf-109g with 7 textures

Current Version: v1.9
Addon is signed and includes a bikey.
All 3D models were made from scratch using Blender.
All textures were made using Photoshop.
I have included a texture template of the models for anyone who wishes to create and upload their own textures since I'm not very good at texturing.
Texture template can be found under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@Messerschmitt Bf-109\texture templates

To install Messerschmitt Bf-109 you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Known issues:
None so far.

Tested working with:
Czechoslovak Army 1938 (CSA38)
Faces of War (Fow)
IFA3 Liberation
Sabre Planes IFA3 Integration
Geist A3 Lite
(The addons above are not required, but are nice to have since they are WWII era addons.)

Untested with:
Online multiplayer

If you find any issues, have any suggestion/questions or if there is something that you don't like, please let me know in the comments section as I do read all the comments and respond to them when its necessary.

If you love this addon, be sure to rate it and add to your favorites.

Credits & Thanks:
This addon uses assets from the Iron Front for Arma 3 (IFA3) addon, so all credit goes to the IFA3 team for the following:
aircraft engine & wind sounds
aircraft weapons & ammunitions
German pilot unit

License / Disclaimer:
You may use this addon for single and multiplayer missions.
You may use this addon for online servers.
You may retexture this addon.
You may not sell this addon to anyone, this is a free addon.
You may not upload this addon on any websites without the creator's permission.

I take no responsibility for damage of your game/system that may be caused by this addon. Anyone who downloads this addon, downloads it at their own risk.

Added Bf-109a, b (early), b, c, and d variants
Added loadout scripts to new plane variants
Added texture template to new plane variants
Renamed some parts in e (early) wreck model
Added dual blade rotor blur
Changed rotor blur proxies to e and e (early) variants
Modified hitpoints class in e (early) variant
Added new rotor blur models as a proxy to a and b (early) variants
Added banners
Added flags that are not included in IFA3
Modified all models.cfg files
Fixed tail gear's wheel from floating off its position when flying
Fixed e (early) graphical issue with the crosshair in first person view when armoured windscreen is attached
Increased scale of quad rotor blur texture
Modified the display name string to the soviet P-39 and Li-2
Modified paths to all editor previews for Bf-109 variants
All re-config planes now have there correct editor preview images
Changed faction to Fw-190f Standard 5
Decreased sleep value in stuka siren script so that it plays stuka siren sound every 1.75 seconds during a dive
Fixed issue with breaks in the stuka siren sound while plane is diving far away from the player
IFA3 team removed the Ju-52 model and its textures, but the class names will still be included in the mod
I recommend to remove the Ju-52 from your saved mission until it comes back
I comment out the paths to the Ju-52 textures to get rid the "could not find texture" error

Added Bf-109e (early) variant
Added loadout script to e (early) variant
Added 4x mg-17 weapon
Modified a lod to the e variant
Fixed naming to a lod to the e variant
Added a MG-17 3000 round magazine
Modified MG-17 and MG-131 weapons classes
Modified display name strings to machine gun and cannon magazines
Added texture template to the e (early) variant
Added plane damage effects to all planes
Smoke effects will be added if the plane is 50% damaged or more
Fire effects will be added if the plane is more than 90% damaged
Fire/smoke effects are added at each engine position
Planes with engines infront of the pilot won't see very well when fire effects are added
Changed armor value to Pe-2ft to 25
Added re-config C-47/Li-2 and Ju-52 with modified armor, handling, max speeds, and damage effects
Added Bf-109 wreck class names to cfgPataches class
Modified base class names to all re-config planes (should not affect saved missions since they are hidden)
Added new textures to Bf-109's
Removed unused defined names in the hitpoints lod
Increased distance of Bf-109 engine sounds
Added more German uniforms, smocks, helmets, and caps using unused textures from IFA3 in the virtual arsenal
Fixed texture issue with uniforms that have hoods + gaiters

Added SC 50 and SC 250 bomb racks as components to all Bf-109 variants
Added SC 50 and SC 250 bombs as pylon weapons
Added magazines and ammo to new weapons
Added SC 50 and 250 as pylon presets
Modified loadout scripts to all Bf-109 variants
Modified some lods to all Bf-109 planes and there wreck models
Modified displayName strings to some of the weapons, magazines, components, and pylons
Removed unused code from all models.cfg files
Fixed cannon issue by decreasing rate of fire by 50% to cannons that fire from one position
Fixed cannon issue by increasing rate of fire by 150% to cannons that fire from three positions
Modified values to Bf-109 ammo to cannons
Added two ammo types to ifa3 patches
Modified Mg-151 magazines in ifa3 patches
AI units in Fw-190's and Bf-109's will switch between machine guns and cannons if they are close to a target
All Bf-109 variants now have spawnable wreck models in the editor
Modified landing speed value to 180 to k and k (late) variants
Modified geometry and fire geometry to all pylon weapons and armoured head rests
Modified fire geometry to all Bf-109 variants
Added rvmats to armoured head rests and armoured windscreens in the fire geometry
Armoured head rests and armoured windscreens will protect the pilot from enemy fire
Added 3 new textures
Fixed a class typo in Bf-109g (late) variant (should not affect saved missions)
Replaced all editor preview pictures and moved them to bf_109_scripts file
Resized picture icon to fit correctly in the command menu
Resized dummy texture
Updated Bf-109 components texture template
Added multi fire script and function
multi fire allows units to fire multiple different weapons at once inside vehicles
read script commands text file in the mod folder to learn how to use it
Updated script commands text file
Added German uniforms, smocks, helmets, and caps using unused textures from IFA3 in the virtual arsenal

Added drop tank rack as a component to all plane variants
Added two types of drop tanks as pylon weapons
Added two drop tank pylon presets
Modified all bf-109 loadout scripts to work with the new drop tanks
Removed a shadow lod from wgr. 21 rocket round model
Added metal plate rvmats to fire geometry to all wreck and plane variants
Redefined camo1 selection to g (early) variant
Modified proxy pylon 2 and 3 positions to g, g (late), g (very late), and k variants
Added autocenter = 0 to WGr. 21 round and fired models
Added more code to all plane config files
Renamed memory points inside plane wreck models
All planes now have smoke and fire effects when the plane is destroyed
Fixed loadout order issue when both the WGr. 21 component and WGr. 21 pylon(s) are selected
Made all scripts as functions
Use the following command inside the plane's init: "[this] spawn LIB_fnc_X;"
Replace X with Fw_190_Loadout, Ju_87_Loadout, P_39_Loadout, P_47_Loadout, Pe_2_Loadout, or Stuka_Siren
Do not use "[this] call LIB_fnc_Stuka_Siren;" or the game may crash if the plane is pointing downward on start
Updated script commands text document inside the mod folder
Added ifa3_patches.pbo file
Added re-config ifa3 planes with patched weapons and magazines
Re-config planes includes fw-190, ju-87, p-39, p-47, and pe-2
All re-config planes have their handling modified to fly more realistic
All re-config planes have smoke tails if the planes are 50% damaged or more
All re-congfig plane models switch to their wreck models when they are destroyed
All re-config Ju-87's have the stuka siren script applied
The Ju-87 can have their siren disabled/enabled during gameplay
The Ju-87 has the option to have their siren disabled/enabled at the start of gameplay in the editor
Modified the stuka siren script to work with changes made to the ju-87
Changes made to the stuka siren script will still work with other planes
Moved all patched weapons, magazines, and ammo code to ifa3_patches.pdo file
Added patched weapons and magazines to all re-config planes
All patched weapons now work with standard ifa3 magazines
Added new patched weapons with modified properties
Added new magazines with more ammo
Added Ju-87d (early) variant which is armed with 2x MG-17
AI pilots will eject from all planes when the plane is around 75% damaged
All Bf-109 variants have their armor set equal to 20
Added ju_87_init script
Made major changes to stuka siren script to fix infinite loading screens/long loading times
The Ju-87's siren can be removed at the start of a mission
Modified loadout scripts to IFA3 planes
Added Fw-190 and Ju-87 (early) loadout scripts

Added a removable component to g, g (late), g (very late), and k variants
Added new pylon system to all planes
Added WGr. 21 rocket pods as a pylon weapon to g, g (late), g (very late), and k variants
Added magazine and ammo to new weapon
Modified all loadout scripts to be more efficient
Selecting the WGr. 21 component will add the pylon weapon on its own because of the modified loadout script
If the pylon weapons and gun pod component are both selected, the script will remove the pylon weapon
AI units will fire the WGr. 21 at enemy planes if the weapon is added (works best against bombers)
loadout script will add weapons in the following order: machine guns, nose cannon, gun pods, rockets
Modified and added more code to config and models.cfg files
Modified all planes models
Modified some of the names to components
Some components that required 2 or more components to be selected are now hidden from components list
Fixed an issue with the dust filter cover(s) appearing inside the cockpit when the dust filter is not selected
All planes have a empty pylon (Pylon1), a weapon will use this pylon in a future update
Adjusted all dust filter open/close animations
Users no longer need to lift the planes when placing it on the ground in the editor
All plane models have a property name "autocenter = 0" in the geometry lod
Modified geometry lod model to the e variant
Modified a texture to the f and g (early) variants
Decreassed indirect hit range by 25% to 15mm cannons
Increassed indirect hit range by 50% to 30mm cannons
Noticed that some of the ifa3 plane's will not fire at other planes, so I created new weapons, magazines, and ammo to fix this
These fixed weapons apply to the P-39, P-47, Pe-2, Pe-2 turrets, and Ju-87 turret
You will need to remove the bugged weapons and add the fixed weapons/magazines yourself, since I could not get them to overwrite in-game correctly
The new fixed weapons have been modified (dispersion, damage, tracers, and magazine reload time) compaired to the bugged weapons
Added a stuka siren script
Added a stuka siren sound effect
The stuka siren script must be called on inside the plane's init as follows: nul = [this] execVM "bf_109_scripts\stuka_siren_script\stuka_siren.sqf";
Added loadout scripts to Ju-87, P-39, P-47, and Pe-2, these scripts must called on in the plane's init
Place the following in the plane's init: nul = [this] execVM "bf_109_scripts\loadout_scripts\X_loadout.sqf"; (replace X with p_39, p_47, pe_2, or ju_87)
Updated bf-109k (late) texture template
Added a script commands text document in the mod folder so that users can copy and paste the siren and loadout commands inside the plane's init

Added more removable components to all plane variants
Added 15mm, 20mm, and 30mm gun pods
Added 15mm, 20mm, and 30mm nose guns
Added 20mm and 30mm fixed wing guns
Added new weapons and magazine to work with the nose guns and gun pods
Added more code to all config and models.cfg files
Added a bf_109_scripts.pbo file
All planes now use a loadout script
All planes have there own loadout script for any future changes
Depending on the loadout selected, the script will add the correct weapons and magazines to the plane
Gun pods are linked fired and will fire rounds out of there own individual barrels
If the nose guns and gun pods use the same weapon, the script will link fire the two weapons
All weapon components have a mass value which will affect the plane's maneuverability differently
All weapon loadouts will show how the mass (in kilograms) of the weapon will affect the plane's maneuverability
Weapon loadouts with a '+' will add more weight to the plane which will decrease maneuverability
Weapon loadouts with a '-' will subtract weight to the plane which will increase maneuverability
Default weapon loadouts do not have a mass since there mass is defined in the plane's geometry lod
Modified lods, shadows, and memory to all plane models
Removed all cannon weapons/magazines from all weapon/magazine arrays to the plane's config files
All planes have a default loadout set active which gives the planes there original cannon weapons/magazines
Users can set all the weapon components inactive if they do not want cannon weapons/magazines
The user action to open/close the dust filter will only be displayed if a dust filter is attached
Updated components texture template
Increased speed to mg-151 15mm rounds
Decreased explosive values to mg-151 15mm rounds
Decreased rate of fire to mk-103 and mk-108 weapons
Incresed explosive values to mk-103 and mk-108 rounds
Added a new texture to all plane variants
Modified a component texture to the f and g (early) variants
Modified meter texture

Added removable components to all plane variants
Added 3 types of head armoured screens
Added 2 types of dust filters which can be animated to open/closed positions
Added rims to forward landing gear
Added armoured windscreen
Added new code to all plane config files
Added a second hidden selections camo for new components
Added component rvmat and materials
Added user actions to open/close filters
Added removable large wing bumps to g (very late) variant
Cleaned up all models.cfg code
Fixed some textures to the f variant
Adjusted rotation values to all 3 wheels
Modified all lods, view pilot, shadows, and memory to all plane models
All planes now use 2 seperate texture files to make up the plane's texture
Added many component textures to go with all current plane textures
Added components template for anyone who wishes to retexture the models
Moved pilot position forward by -0.095 units so that the player model will not clip through components

Modified all lods to the e variant model and its wreck model
Greatly improved handling to all variants
Increased thrust to all variants
Modified draconic force and torque values to all variants
Adjusted max speed and landing speed to all variants to go with the new handling values
Large wing bumps can by attached/removed from the k and k (late) variants
Made the green spots darker to the Bf-109e Tropical 2 texture
Increased altFullForce and altNoForce values to all variants

Added the Bf-109g (very late) variant
Added the Bf-109k (late) variant
Fixed lod names for the k variant and its wreck model
Added the MK-103 weapon as well as its magazine and round
Modified textures to the g and k variants
Renamed some files within the bf_109_main file
Added a new propeller blur texture for the k (late) variant
Increased rate of fire to the MG-17 by 25%
Increased speed of MG-151 15mm rounds by 1.3%
Added new textures to all plane variants
Modified some of the UV mapping on the g (late) variant
Updated texture template to the g (late) variant
Added new crashing sounds in config files for each plane

Added the Bf-109k variant
Fixed textures to the g variant
Modified values to hit points
Modified geometry lods for all plane and wreck models
Modified all mass values for each plane and there wreck models
Modified and cleaned up all plane config files
All textures can be displayed and applied to the model under edit vehicle apperance within the editor
Increased plane acceleration from 200 to 250 for all planes
Modified landingAoa value for each plane to work with the new acceleration value
Modified shading to the g variant

Added the Bf-109g (late) variant
Modified shadow lod for the g variant
Removed geometry phys old lod from all plane wreck models
Modified res. lods for each plane
Modified res. lods for plane wrecks
Modified memory points for each plane
Modified all config files
All planes now use IFA3's multiguns script
All plane weapons can now fire from there own individual barrels
Added new weapons for all planes which are currently inherited from the FW-190's weapon classes
All planes can now fire serveral projectiles at the sametime for each assigned weapons and barrels
Added new magazines for all weapons which are inherited from the FW-190's magazine classes
Added new bullets for all magazines which are inherited from the FW-190's bullet classes
Increased max speed for all planes in order to match the max speeds of the actual Bf-109 variants
Increased landing speed for AI and Auto Landing from 140 to 160 for all planes

v2.0 -
Replaced landing gear for each plane
Improved landing gear animations to be more realistic
Modified shadow lods for each plane
Modified res. lods for each plane
Modified all geometry lods for each plane
Modified memory points for each plane
Modified view pilot lod for each plane
Modified wreck lods for each plane
Updated all texture templates
Modified ground contact for each plane
Decreased the mass in the geometry lod for each plane
Set all propeller blurs as a proxy for each plane
Fix graphical issue with propeller blurs
Renamed and moved the original special texture for g variant as Graf Ace
Replaced the original special texture with a new texture for the g variant
Added new textures to f and g variants
Added some new code in all config files
Modified code in all config files
Added a config file to bf_109_main file
Cleaned up code in all config files
Removed geometry phys old lod from all plane models
Cleaned up all model.cfg files
Fixed some textures to the g variant

Added an improved and more detailed bf-109e
Replaced/Re-did all the textures to e variant to fit the new Uv mapping
Changed the flaps and ailerons to the e variant
Modified memory points to the e variant
Modified shadow lods for each plane
Added a new shadow lod for for each plane wreck model
Modified engine start up and shut off animations
Cleaned up the model.cfg files
Modified the standard texture to the f and g (early) variants

Added rvmats to all planes to improve lighting and add glossiness to textures
Added normal map (nohq) material texture
Added specular map (smdi) material texture
Added ambient occlusion/shadow (as) material texture
Fixed textures to g and f variants
Modified wreck models for each plane

Fixed some textures for each plane

Added the Bf-109g (early) variant
Added 2 new textures to f variant (cobra and Kittel ace)
Added 2 new textures to g variant (yellow ace and Hartmann ace)
Added the bf_109_main file
Modified Bf-109f and g lods
Modified Bf-109g hit points
Moved all standard_texure files for each plane into the bf_109_main file
Moved all picture files for each plane into the bf_109_main file
Modified Bf-109f textures to fit the UV mapping of the Bf-109g (early) variant
Modified some code in config file for all planes
Renamed a few files
Increased fuel for Bf-109f and g by 100 units
Modified map icons for e and f variants
Modified panel texture
Changed cockpit texture for all plane wreck models

Added the Bf-109f variant with 5 textures
Added the Bf-109g variant with 5 textures
Improved Bf-109e model lods
Modified Bf-109e memory points
Modified Bf-109e map icon
Modified Bf-109e geometry

Improved aim by adding a HUD for first person view
Removed gun crosshair texture from the view pilot lod
Added new code in the config file
Cleaned up the config file
Added more hit points to plane model
Moved player position in the view pilot lod
Modified cockpit so that player model does not clip through the plane model as much
Added pilot joy stick animations
Added new shodow volume lod

Added working animated meters in the cockpit for first person view (may need adjustments)
Added 3 new textures (Galland ace, special 2, and special 3)
Increase plane speed by 60km/h in order to decrease the chances of stalling
Fixed some textures

- Bugs fixed

Added hit points
Added dust effects
Changed cockpit texture
Changed panel texture
Added 2 new textures (standard 3 and night)
Added perview
Fixed some textures

- First release

- IFA3 AIO Lite

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