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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.15
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: A requirement for HAFM submarines and Ships mods (not to be downloaded individually).

Date: 2019-03-13 13:57

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HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons part


A requirement for HAFM submarines and Ships mods (not to be downloaded individually).

To install HAFM NAVY Core & Weapons part you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

- Added: Chinese - Type 052C Destroyer ship under OPFOR side.
- Added: Chinese - Type 052D Destroyer ship under OPFOR side.
- Added: All relative weapons, missile models and Chinese flag for new Type 052C and 052D ships.
- Added: For all big ships the render distance from object to terrain parameter named "featureType".
- Fixed: Submarines Re-arming now works as expected.
- Fixed: A-190 reload time fixed. It has RPM of 80 rounds now as it supposed to have.
- Fixed: All ships are now react against aircrafts - helicopters automatically when "Weapons Officer" position is controlled by an AI unit.
- Fixed: Ships and submarines optics will have proper rotations and will not stuck while performing 360 turns.
- Tweaked: MK-45 Mod 2 RPM reduced to 16 rounds.
- Tweaked: Some ships textures.
- Tweaked: Ships and submarines radar footprints adjusted.
- Tweaked: Ships and submarines sensors and panels are improved.
- Updated: MOD Manual.

- Fixed: Anti-ship missiles which are fired with GPS Guidence and Sea-Skim flyout will not go for fishing anymore but will go to the correct GPS coordinates to fish a ship instead ... :)

- Tweaked: Accuracy for high speed anti-ship missiles improved
- Fixed: Wrong file for attachments replaced with new one
- Tweaked: User manual updated
- Added: New MK-50 Torpedo for Arleigh Burke
- Tweaked: Sonar range by Arleigh Burke increased

- Added: Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.
- Added: New RIM-66 and RIM-174 missiles for Arleigh Burke.
- Modified: Cruise missiles control panel now shows Altitude and Distance between Waypoints, plus each ship has its own number of missiles (new config value) showing also Quantity and ETA to target (it shows the ETA at firing time and not getting updated while missile flies).
- Tweaked: Colors and graphics to all GUIs.
- Tweaked: Boats numbers on ships and submarines changed to reflect more real life logic ...

Tweaked: Cruise accuracy improved
Added: New custom config parameter added. Accuracy of cruise missiles depending on the type of missile which is used.
Tomahawk has 10m. CEP (circular error probable), Kalibr has 3m and Naval Scalp has 6m.

Small fix to remove some test files.

Added: CIWS support for Supply Ships.
Added: New actions to load zodiacs back to ships if there is space in storage.
Added: An SDV (new model) capable to carry 6 people instead of 4 seats has the default one.
Added: An RHIB imported from ArmA 2 (will replace later the default zodiac boats on some ships).
Fixed: Phalanx muzzle is now rotating while firing.
Fixed: Anti-Ship missiles working using pop-up option.
Fixed: Missiles rearm now is working on dedicated servers.
Tweaked: Some ships textures.

- Tweaked: Anti Ship missiles speed increased (UGM84D & RGM84D - 700kph, EXOCET - 900kph, 3M54T - 1400kph).
- Tweaked: Speed of SCALP Naval missile, also increased (SCALP Naval - 600kph).
- Tweaked: Ship defence system is now working against any kind of incoming missile which is treated as threat to ship (still same logic based on the travel direction of missile compared to ship).
- Tweaked: MEKO200HN back CIWS coverage angle improved.
- Tweaked: Improved CIWS operation in general.

-Added: Zeus Modules to make Cruise missile attacks
-Fixed: Zeus remote controlled units can access GUIs without any issue
-Fixed: Some sounds and textures issues are solved
-Fixed: Scope for HAFM_Helper and HAFM_Flagpole fixed. They are not in object list anymore
-Tweaked: Torpedoes detects target ships existence better to trigger the detonation
-Tweaked: User manual has new section for mission makers and Zeus

- Fixed: On dedicated servers under Cruise Missiles panel, fire button turns to "red" marking, when used to fire a missile.

Just re-upload

Small fix :
For AI controlled ships/submarines, the behavior is tweaked:
- In case commander/group of ship/submarine has CombatMode "BLUE" (Never fire), it will not attack to enemies but only defend.
- In case commander/group of ship/submarine has CombatMode "GREEN" (Hold fire - defend only) or "WHITE" (Hold fire, engage at will), it will attack only if it is attacked

Some fix support ...

small fix for incompatibilities with ACE and other mods containing weapons.

Small fix for older version crew classnames


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