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Version: 1.00
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Short description: Project True Viking aims to represent the fictional Nordic country of Askeland in Arma 3. We aim to firstly provide a highly detailed mod covering the entire Askeland Defence Force.

Date: 2019-04-16 10:03

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Project True Viking


Project True Viking aims to represent the fictional Nordic country of Askeland in Arma 3. Our team has worked over many years, many iterations (ASTFOR), and many problems to get to the point we are at now. We aim to firstly provide a highly detailed mod covering the entire Askeland Defence Force--including a vast and rich history that intertwines with real-life history, giving the existence of our fictional nation more plausibility in sounding like something than can truly exist in real life! Our next step will be to get the actual nation of Askeland in game before introducing the public services, and some of Askeland’s most prominent enemies.

Welcome to Askeland:
Askeland (Old Norse: Askrland), a country borne from the ashes of volcanic fire and home to warriors so fierce that even their fellow Vikings were scared of them…or so the legends say. According to surviving pieces of an Askelandic saga, it got its name from when its originally Norse settlers first saw it's beauty and vast ash trees. It was nicknamed after Ask (Old Norse: Askr which means literally "Ash Tree"). According to sources such as the Poetic Edda, Askr and Embla were the first man and woman created by Odin, Hœnir and Lóðurr and went on to be granted a home in Midgard.

To some, as often found in Germanic paganism and mythology, these ash trees became something sacred to its people. Some scholars hypothesize that there existed notable amount of ritual and reverence shown, especially by its warriors. Many boat and spear were made from these revered "children" of Askr and Embla as well as burnt ash from these trees ritualistically rubbed into the skin before battles or raids. This lead to them also being known--according to the 11th century German (Saxon) Historian and Geographer, Adam von Bremen's historical writings called the "Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclasiae Pontificum"--as the nickname of Ascomanni, or "Ash Men".

Askeland Today:
Modern day Askeland is very different from the days of yore, it is a vibrant and cultural Scandinavian nation. Askeland has a budding tourist industry taking advantage of the natural vistas and sports facilities dotted all over the island. The people enjoy the benefits of modern politics in the Scandinavian union, their embassies across the world allow them to play a key role in the modern world. Askeland is, on the face of it, just like Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Below the surface however there is a darker side to Askeland. Recent political troubles in Europe has led rise to multiple extremist groups becoming more open in their actions across the country. The Askeland Defense Forces face a troublesome future, though they have years of tradition and a proud history to maintain morale their resolve is being tested. They face a war on multiple fronts, maintaining their NATO commitments overseas, preparing for a potential threat to Scandinavia by Russia, and helping the public services at home. No matter the threat, no matter the cost--these sons and daughters of Askeland--like their ancestors, will face any challenge with the same amount of bravery and ferocity as their ancestors.

Til Valhall!

To install Project True Viking you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

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Credits & Thanks:
We wish to thank the following people who have taken the time to support us by contributing during the lifetime of development for Project True Viking. We appreciate all of your help throughout our development. And it is with your help and support that helped us make it here to our first ever release. We appreciate the help more than than you'll ever know!:

WR5, Kiory, RedRogueXIII, Hell, Crash, Tenoyl, MikePhoeniX, Christian Øelund, Stefan Engdahl, Iansky, Kouoaeha,Troska, Toadie, SPS Team, da12thMonkey, Tom3dJay, Syn, Tigg, Thanez, ArtemSh, warden_1, JSRS Studios, Ca Chua, hatchet, Zeealex, Reyhard, Darkstorn, Sylon, MediumSolid.

A Very Special Thanks:
StalkerGB, R0adki11, Adacas, Slatts, Sabre, Jawolf55, CrazyCorky, Sgt. Potter, Laxeman, and so many more people both on the Bohemia Forums as well as our old Facebook page that had always supported and cheered for us for so long since our beginnings with Project ASTFOR!

License / Disclaimer:
Creative Commons
The work contained in this distribution is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. You can view the license by going to:

Please note that the above mentioned license gives the right to the PTV Development Team to waiver any of the conditions. Thus, you must contact the PTV Development Team to obtain official permission to modify our work.

As an addendum to our standard license, you may not use the included material for commercial purposes. This also includes running any part of our mod and its contents on servers that make use of any form of monetization including (but not limited to) donate-reward systems, "pay-to-play", etc.

The PTV Development Team provides our mod freely to the Arma Community. We have no plans to change this. Thus, we will never charge people to use our mod nor will we ever be apart of any type of monetization schemes.

Bohemia Interactive's approval of your monitization scheme does NOT grant you any type of rights to waive this clause of our EULA.

As an additional addendum to our standard license, we expressly prohibit the distribution of any content of this package by itself, or as part of another distribution, using the Steam Workshop by anyone other than official members of the PTV Development Team.

This add-on is provided for Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 3 series only and is not to be used with VBS or any of its derivatives built for the purpose of military training without written permission from the PTV Development Team.

Initial Release Includes:
• Revision Viper P4 Helmets (OD Green, Tan, Woodland & Desert Camos, and scrim variants).
• NFM Thor Plate Carrier System (OD Green, Tan, Woodland camo).
• 1st iteration of our own custom made uniform (UBACS & Trousers) in Woodland & Desert camo patterns.
• Various weaponry and optic systems (*subject to change in the future).
• Small selection of basic setup groups to help get you started in the Eden Editor.

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