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Date: 2019-04-18 14:53

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Campaign «PEACEMAKER» part-2


Campaign continuation - Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake.

Back in 1985, long time before "Operation Sandstorm", forces of USSR and USA clashed into fight till death as well as government forces and rebels. You are going to see enormous battles with tons of people and new types of armored vehicles, high-detailed and non-typical mission and astonishing story.

You're playing as Soviet peacemakers.

Above the remake of the second part worked:

[IMB]PIONEER — curator and main developer.

[IMB]Soviet — creation of scenery.
Vergessenen — a creation of scenery, work over missions.

Testing was done by: Vergessenen, [IMB]rezakpower, [IMB]BouH, [IMB]Soviet, [YKT]Morfey

This is the second part, so you need to go through the first part! If you have already passed it, it will open automatically! Made as well as the official campaign from BIS.

AI in ArmA 3 is not stable, the technique might roll over or not go, infantry might not correctly respond to your instructions, might not go, not shoot, lag, etc. If you encounter such problem it is recommended to replay the mission, If anything you can write to the bug report.

To be continued (there will be the 3rd part, +5 missions) ...

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