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Requirements: Schmalfelden - Germany Map by Nicholas Bell & Addonpack
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Version: 1.39

Date: 2008-11-03 08:17

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Dynamic War - reloaded

The year is 2008. The province of Schmalfelden suppressed by communists wants to become independent from sowjet influence.
For this the USA has reactivated the Marshall-Plan to support the satellite states for independence.
South-Schmalfelden, already under western influence, is facing an upcoming invasion.
The USA, so far involved with financial support only, is now sending troops to the hot spot in order to fight the threat.

- Each team has access to the same equipment and similar Vehicle- as well as aircrafts.
- The teams receive matchable operations behind enemy lines. These are randomly chosen.
- Up to date information about the situation are given by HQ.
- Visual intel by drones through target cam.
- Players can be arrested by enemy players.
- Dynamic weather.
- Max player: 20 on each side
- Respawning vehicles and aircrafts

At least 5 players in each team

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