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Date: 2008-09-14 12:21
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This time the interviews snake22000, creator of the "Extreme Arma Mod (XAM)".

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Could you tell us something more about yourself?

My name is Franck, I am French and I am 20 years old.
I have just finished my study in the field of electronics and I am very interested in the creation of video games since I was 12 years old.
During those years I have become an autodidact with many different programs for the creation and modding of video games like photoshop, 3dsmax, C++, etc.

What is your modding experience in general? Have you modded other games as well?

I initially started to program little games like Snake games.
I have various knowledge on the Half Life 2 engine, I have done lots of different tests how to modificate this game. A few years ago I released a few bigs maps for Counter Strike Source. Additionally I developed many different examples of technical parts of games like the pathfinding or creating particles systems. All this to increase my knowledge in this earea.
The creation of videogames as well as the research to achieve certain things is a real passion and I dedicate a big part of my energy and time into this.


With regard to a mod project I have actually never released anything to the public, the XAM project is my first real project which is also released for the public to enjoy.

Why did you decide to start developing the XAM mod?

Because I did not like different aspects of the default game, in particular the level of the visual effects and sound immersion. These two have become two very important points for me in the XAM mod.
I wanted to improved the gameplay experience the best I could but at the beginning of the project I could never have imagined it would become so popular to so many people in this community!

XAM 1.6 Teaser:

Has development of the XAM mod exceeded your initial plans a lot?

It has exceeded my initial plans by far indeed!
At the beginning it was only an addition of some features like artillery and air support. Soon the mod developed further and brings all the features which you know today.

Not many people may know this but actually you are working on your own on the XAM project. Aren't you searching for people who want to help you with your project? And if so what are you looking for?

Yes I am working alone on the development of this mod but I am not searching for any help or assistance at this moment.

What are your resources? Are you in the Army or do you have some military advisors? Or do you do all the research for the XAM mod yourself and improve as you like?

With regard to the military question I get information from the XAM forum members, most of the time they contact me to advise me. Let me take this opportunity to thank them all!
With all the help and lots of research I have established a large database of military documentation which I can use when needed.
I want the mod to remain realistic enough to have a balance between realism and hollywood effects for the gamming experience.

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What do you personally like the most of the XAM mod? What is your favorite aspect of the mod?

What I like most is to see the community like my mod and to make an even better follow-up of the project while trying to implement the player expectations and wishes which were passed on to me after the release of each version.
I do my best as much as possible to make this a proffesionnal project, working with and for the community.

What do you dislike the most of the XAM mod? Will you improve this?

The sacrifices I have to do to optimize the mod for multiplayer are what I dislike the most. It's necassary offcourse but still its always a shame having to remove or decrease certain things.


Can you already tell us about some things which will be different in the upcomming XAM 1.6 mod?

For the 1.6 version the IA will be improved considerably.
I also want to push the details of the mod to a level which I did not reach yet regarding sounds and graphics or in the functionalities available for the player.
All the basic weapons will be replaced by HD models and many other things!
All this to increase the immersion of this mod as far as possible.

The beta of version 1.6 should be released in approximately 2 weeks.
Latest details of the development of the upcoming version can be found on the official XAM forums.

XAM 1.6 Combat:
Obviously this video was taken on the alpha version of the MOD thus all the aspects will be improved from here to the final version!

Will the XAM mod also exist for Arma 2?

All depend on what it will miss with the gameplay. I can not say anything in advance since we do not know enough about Arma 2 yet but it is extremely possible I will also contribute to ArmA 2.

Have you ever thought of joining another mod project?

For the moment that would be impossible, the development of the XAM mod takes to much time.
I prefer to concentrate on the XAM mod to make the best possible quality and correct its defects.

Is there anything we didn't ask but you would like to share with the community?

Just a big thank you to the entire Arma community and also I want to thank Armaholic for this interview!

XAM 1.6 Volumetric clouds:

We would like to thank snake22000 for this interview. It is very interesting to get to know the man behind the project a bit better.
Make sure you visit the Official XAM forums for the latest information about the upcoming version!

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