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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2006-12-08 16:50

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First of all i�d like to thank Toadlife for this great OFP Mission!
Credits for scripting, the idea, etc. all belongs to him, i only made it ArmA compatible.
Also thanks go out to deanosbeano for making the camscripting ArmA compatible!


Extract the .pbo included in the .zip to your "x:\ArmA\Missions" folder.

- Start ArmA, go to "Options" and set Quality Preference to Normal.
- Select Missions in the main menu and start the benchmark.
- let it run through once, hit escape and then retry (helps for caching and preloading making the test more comparable).
- once it�s done make a screenshot of your results and post them wherever you want.

Theres a page dedicated to ArmA Mark where you can post your results and compare them to scores of other users, find it here:

Toadlife - Mission idea & scripting
deanosbeano - Camscript fixes
jagdpanther - Results database

burns -

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