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Requirements: A.C.E Island Pack
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-12-28 07:07

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DMA LastFight MP

A Mi17 with your spetsnaz team inside is hit by some unknown missile and forced to land.
Unfortunately, the pilots do not survive and you must survive with your team while several unknown enemies are moving to your position.
The principle of this random mission is that this final battle you can't win.

# 1 team, 10 different slots to fight for survival
# AI is attacking from all sides with infantry and light vehicles
# Random time, weather and fog - syned in MP
# Customizable viewdistance: "500m" to "50km"
# Norrin Revive respawn and customizable amount of revives: 0 to infinite
# kegetys camera script once completely dead
# Random mission area anywhere on each available terrain
# Mission packed as addon. This allows to have 61 mission in 2 MB.

Right now it's a bit of a hassle as the mission is an addon. This means there is no server download, yet it has to be downloaded like an addon from the web and put into an addons folder. The mission will be integrated into the ACEIP in the next version at least.

Credits & Thanks:
# Dynamic Mission Alliance and Sanctuary for base template
# Sickboy for leet scripts and much help
# Norrin and kegetys for revive respawn and observer cam

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- A.C.E Island Pack

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