zWarfare Template by zGuba updated
Editing and Scripts

zGuba informed us he released an updated version of his Warfare mission template on the BI forums.

Quote zGuba :
BIS Warfare 1.2 from Beta 1.15 patch updated with a bunch of upgrades.
Installable as an addon version.

Unique features:
    - using default BLUFOR units instead of forcing BIS USMC
    - improved death cam effect
    - improved infantry loadouts
    - balanced prices
    - correct crews for armored and aerial units
    - changed light factory offer: Strykers moved there
    - changed city depot offer: added motorcycles, trucks and reinforcements
    - AI choppers starting in the air
    - Mi-24 Hind gunship by EricM and RKSL instead of funky Ka-50 Hokum
    - Su-34B with KAB-250L bombs (currently using GBU-12 model)
    - custom weapons for gunships: LOAL mode for Cobra's Hellifre*, realistic weapons for Mi-24

    - improved AI skill and experience system, higher initial skills for sniper and commando units
    - more informative AI team codenames both for player and missionmaker
    - default team for vehicle crews: green
    - default team for troops: yellow
    - localized display names for new units and weapons
For a complete list of features visit the download page.

Changes in v1.2D:
- Su-34 with KAB-250L bombs (currently using BIS GBU-12 model)
- localized display names of new vehicles and weapons.

Written on 2009-01-29 08:21 by Big  

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