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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1 beta

Short description: This script is to simulate a 4 wire bomb. You must choose the correct wire for cutting.

Date: 2009-02-06 15:40

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Hoz dabomb

Disarm the bomb. A ready to serve objective.
This script is to simulate a 4 wire bomb. You must choose the correct wire for cutting.

Copy all the contents from the init.sqf and description.ext and the HOZ_dabomb folder to your mission folder & mission files.
Open the editor and copy the addaction commands from the Bomb and the Police vehicle to appropriate objects in your mission.

If you want to avoid having to find the bomb first, then set HOZ_dabombFound = true in the init.sqf file. This will allow the player to skip that objective.

If you want to disable the timer then simply change HOZ_TimerEnabled to false.

Wire Color choices are: "Red", "White", "Gray", "Blue" and can be configured manually by setting HOZ_dabombWireC = "colorchoice". Be sure to disable HOZ_dabombRNDWires = false; if you want to manually specify the color. Default will be to randomly choose the color.

If you cannot get to the bomb in time, simply increase the time in the init.sqf file. I tried to make the mission fun.

Demo mission:
In this demo mission you must go find the bomb instructions. These instructions will tell you which wire you need to cut. Once you have figured out the wire then goto the bomb and disarm it. Careful! A wrong wire could mean death! You must do all this in 90 secs. Hehe

Many thanks to plancks dialog and image skillz!

Ver 1.1
* Fixed the missing action if dialog was closed accidentaly with esc.
* Added new option: HOZ_LimitUnits = false - you can now be selective of which units can disarm the bomb. tx Mandoble & Spooner
* Overlapping buttons some times caused a boom!
* Added random delay after the wire is cut to stimulate suspense. was it the correct wire?
* Locked the hatchback in the demo mission.
* Note: Any player can find the bomb instructions.

Ver 1.0
* Initial release

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Hoz dabomb

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