WIP report - Realtime terrain deformation
Work in progress
Spooner and Loki from released a couple of videos on our forums showing realtime terrain deformation.

Quote Spooner and Loki :
The aim of Dynamic Terrain is twofold:

* Allow in-game deformation of terrain, such as creating impact craters and allowing players to dig real foxholes, or other earthworks, as part of the terrain itself, rather than models just dropped on the surface.
* Allow terrain and objects to be created using data from the mission, rather than from a static map.

This is a joint project between Deanosbeano (modelling/config) and Spooner (scripting). The system is currently in early alpha testing.

This is still a long way from being usable in real missions, but we are working on getting at least a tech-demo as soon as we can, but don't hold your breath. It will stay in closed alpha for the time-being though.

You can post feedback and follow this project in the Loki

Written on 2009-02-28 10:03 by Loki  

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