Real Time Editor v5 beta released

***** Update *****

i0n0s posted on the BI forums there was is a possible issue with 0.98. If you already downloaded and are experiencing problems please download the new version 0.99.

Quote i0n0s :
Those who have errors, showing that they're installation is corrupt, should uninstall and make a clean installation.


i0n0s has releasd v5 beta of the Real Time Editor on the BIS Forums.

Quote i0n0s:
Major changes:

* RTEV brings support for synchronisation of waypoints and trigger.
* The controls and the settings from RTE can easily configured within ArmA.
* The current active project can be saved and restored at any time without the need of handling script files
* Added Bank & Pitch-Dialog (using General Barrons functions)

Written on 2009-03-12 19:20 by i0n0s  

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