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Version: beta 1
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Short description: BTR-80 including its crew. The BTR 80 comes in 2 models with 3 crew members.

Date: 2009-03-19 19:21

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BTR-80 and crew
Studio AlphA

Here is the first version (beta) of the BTR-80 including its crew. The BTR 80 comes in 2 models (Camo and green) with 3 crew members.

The Soviets based the BTR-80 on the BTR-70 APC. It has a single 260-hp, V-8 turbocharged, water-cooled, diesel engine, an improvement over the twin gasoline engines installed in the BTR-60 and BTR-70 vehicles. The reconfigured rear portion of the hull accommodates a new, single engine. The Soviets removed the roof chamfers of the modified BTR-70, raised the rear, and squared off the rearward-sloping engine compartment. Standard equipment include TNPO vision blocks, optical devices TNP-B and TKN-3 for the driver and commander, an OU-3GA2M infra-red search light, six 81 mm smoke grenade launchers 902V "Tucha", a radioset
(R-173 or R-163-50U), an intercom and hydrojets.

- Animated glass protextions (2 ways)
- Animated drivewheel and seat when the driver turn out
- All the cargo on top except the co-driver (7 cargo)

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA's Addons folder or (as we always recommend) use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Known issues:
- Interior of the BTR to be textured
- Gun going through the elements on the top (no fix known at this time)
- Gauges tweaks needed
- Glass protections move inside when the driver turns out before the engine starts
- Wrong waterline
- Weird wheels shadows

To do list:
-A commander with animated hatch (co-driver)
-Elevating snorkels when floating
-Random numbers script
-More models with different camo
-Add dirts
-smoke grenade launchers

This addon will be updated and improved regularly.

This is a beta test release, if you wish to report a bug, read the "read me" file included to check which ones are known.
If you wish to report any bug, make suggestions, help us on modding, see our works in progress or ask for some infos, visit our website and forums at

Models and textures: Lodu
Vehicle animations and config: Datakill
Cargo animations: Yyrs

The beta testers: Mamut Killer and Griffon
The Studio Alpha community for their support and suggestions.

Do not modify, change or edit in any way without permissions from the authors.
You are permitted to install and use this addon for personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden.
Your are not allowed to use this addon on VBS2.

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