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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
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Short description: This adds 31 WW2 buildings to ArmA

Date: 2009-03-25 05:46

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Russian architecture pack WW2

This adds 31 WW2 Russian and German buildings to Armed Assault.

- House_1 (boat shed)
- House_2 (hut)
- House_3 (beautiful wooden house with shutters and carved platbands)
- House_4 (large D-shaped granary)
- House_5 (a small shed with a fence)
- House_5 (a small shed with a fence)
- House_6 (adobe house with a roof made of straw)
- House_7 (wooden house with a roof of tiles)
- House_8 (minced house from logs)
- House_9 (adobe house)
- House_10 (a small shed with a fence)
- House_11 (wooden house)
- House_12 (another adobe house with a roof made of straw)
- House_13 (a small house covered with tiles)
- House_14 (Big House Village)
- House_15 (large building board)
- Bunker_PK4a (1st part of the bunker)
- Bunker_PK4v (2nd part of the bunker)
- Bunker_PK4s (3rd part of the bunker)
- W_bunkers (Large bunker-cap)
- Fense (wooden fence)
- Fense_1 (wooden fence)
- Kolodez (well)
- Lodki (2 wooden boats)
- Dwor_zerkovki (Church Yard, to install it on a map of his exact state of the Church)
- Zerkovka (Church of old wood)
- Stolb (pillar of electricity)
- Stolb_1 (pillar of electricity)
- W_postbudka (booth hours)
- W_shlagbaum (barrier)
- W_znak1 (Double Road Index)
- W_znak2 (sign "Danger mines")

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