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Version: 1.0

Date: 2006-12-20 23:26

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Op Mercalillo Fuse v.1.0

Mission Type: COOP and SP
Players: 1-8
Map: Sahrani
Language: English

Mission brief:
Intel suggests that there is a SLA artillery battery dug in somewhere around Mercalillo. This poses a serious threat to our interests along the coast line in the south, particularly Corazol and the outskirts of Paraiso. Air assets have been ruled out in this mission, after a UH-60 went down from enemy fire last night, killing all crew and passengers. It has been deemed necessary therefore to send a small SF raiding team into SLA territory via boat to find the artillery gun position and destroy the artillery guns and their ammo trucks. Also it is believed a high ranking SLA artillery officer is in the area, who is over-seeing some modifications to their weapons and equipment. He is also your priority target, so when you have found him, kill him. When you have completed your objectives, extract from the area. Where-upon you are to hideout, until extraction or further instructions are arranged.

Night, mission.
Custom loadout available on briefing screen, before start of mission.

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