Author: ThePredator
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.152 C BETA

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Date: 2007-03-17 16:00

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Modern Warfare - Authentic Combat for Armed Assault

This mod is for hardcore realism fans ONLY. No balancing, no compromise, no Hollywood SFX.

Just extract the pbo(s) file(s) into your ArmA\Addons folder or use the modfolder method (recommended).

Included files:

Change log:
- added M2HB 360� rotation
- added NTS for Cobra
- added air lock for Vikhr
- added compass to Sopwith Camel
- added laser lock for Hellfires
- changed 20mm ammo to only HE
- changed AA missile behaviour
- changed SABOT to non-explosive
- changed TOW optics to 3x
- changed firing rates
- changed general FOV
- changed magazine for M134 in AH-6 to 3000 rounds
- changed magazine for M134 to 4400 rounds
- changed magnificatons
- changed recoil for AMR, M24 and launcher
- changed reload times for tanks
- changed respawn weapons
- changed rocket velocity
- changed tracer brightness
- increased brightness of lightposts
- increased bullet deflection
- increased priority for laser targets
- modified ballistic data for ammunition
- modified damage
- modified splash damage
- modified v0 for projectiles
- reduced Raufoss deflection
- reduced wheel armor
- removed ejected M24 cartridge
- removed lock for rockets und cannons
- removed magical zoom
- removed radar for pilots (except KA-50)
- removed tank radar
- simulated Raufoss 12,7x99 HEAPI
- tracers only for machineguns
- tweaked AI fire rates
- tweaked some AI fire distances
- tweaked zero ranges

- added bomb fall & release
- changed 5t Truck & Stryker gear shift
- changed M134 shots
- changed M203 explosion
- changed M256 reload & shot
- changed M4SD shot
- changed MP5SD shot & burst
- changed Shell explosion
- changed Strela shot
- changed ammo explosion
- changed machinegun reload
- changed rocket explosions
- changed tank explosion
- fixed sonic crack
- increased hearing distance for detonations
- increased hearing distance for weapons
- reduced volume for M24 bolt action
- removed some bullet fly-by effects
- removed sonic crack for missiles

- added Javelin & AKS-74UN sounds
- changed M2HB sound
- tweaked burst for 2A42, MP5 and M197
- added laser lock for Hellfires
- added lock on for 2A42 and GAU12
- changed damage radius for some weapons
- decreased grenade timer to 3 seconds

- replaced sounds with modified ones
- tweaked M4 SD damage
- tweaked zero range for some weapons
- added Burst-Modes to MP5 versions (they are SD6 and A5)
- changed rate of fire settings

- added sound for D81 & D30 cannons
- increased volume for many weapons
- increased damage for pistols & Suppressed weapons

- fixed missing AGS30 sound

- changed sounds for all weapons except M9 (SD), Makarov (SD), DSHKM, 2A42 (Hokum and BRDM main weapon)
- changed sounds for all rockets & missiles and their launchers
- changed sounds for ricochets, bullet noise and increased deflection to 30%
- added deflection for AT RPG's (testing)
- removed tracers for non-Machineguns
- changed muzzle velocities for some weapons (still testing)
- added reload sound for M24 SWS bolt-action
- changed reload times for AT weapons and Howitzers
- reduced zoom for SVD (4x PSO-1 scope), SPR (4x-10x)
-changed zero range for sniper rifles (M24 SWS: 600 m, SPR 100-400 m)
- some things I might missed to mention ;-)

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Chammy, I used some of his sounds from his awesome sound mod for OFP. If you know how to contact him, let me know.
Thanks to the "Project Reality" Sound-Designer "sofad" for the recorded M24 SWS sound. Good luck with your BF-Project !
Thanks to Kegetys for his nice tools.
Thanks to the Community for their help and criticism.
Thanks to BIS for this great combat simulator !

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