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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This contains soldiers, vehicles, aircraft and lots more from WWII.

Date: 2009-09-20 17:33

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Invasion 1944 - D-Day
Invasion 1944

It would take up far too much space to list everything in this release, or to provide the classnames here, so we'll keep this restricted to a brief summary:
      German and US ground forces - (FsJ, Heer and W-SS for the Germans), (Army and Rangers for the Americans)
      We left out the US paratroopers as we feel that "chapter" has been done to death since Medal of Honor in 2002.
      German and US armoured vehicles + variants
      Wheeled vehicles - such as the Willy's MB, Opel Blitz and M8 "Greyhound"
      LCM and LCVP landing craft
      Ambient Environment objects - ships and aircraft for atmospheric purposes, not actually playable
      Converted BIS missions
      Custom music score
First of all, remove the 1.0 mod completely. This "patch" is actually a re-release, so that you don't have to download two huge files with mostly outdated files in the 1.0 archive, but just one.

The mod was tested, and should work under both regular ArmA1, and the Queen's Gambit expansion.
Queen's Gambit is not required.
Right click the ArmA1 executable, and choose "Create Shortcut". Right click the shortcut you've just created and choose "Properties". On the "Shortcut" page, the "Target" field needs to be altered depending on what version of ArmA1 you're using.

Final patch for ArmA1:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=@I44
Beta patch for ArmA1:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=@I44
Final patch for ArmA1: Queen's Gambit:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=DBE1;@I44
Beta patch for ArmA1: Queen's Gambit:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=DBE1;@I44
More info about the use of modfolder can be found in our FAQ.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
-The Team- (Alphabetically)

Team leaders:
Canukausiuka - Coding, putting in content & compiling teambuilds
John - 2d, 3d & administrative work (all things to do with communication - website)
Jojimbo - 2d & 3d
Marcel - 2d, 3d & webdesign
SFG - Musical score

Belgerot - Research
Boomrang - 2d & 3d
Chuck - 2d & 3d
Guy - 2d & 3d
jean christophe - 2d & 3d
Joffre257 - Missions & campaign
Joker - 2d & 3d
Pac - Missions & campaign
Rebus - 2d
Vex_Man - 2d & 3d

Bohemia Interactive Studios

3rd party:
[FF] Studio - Kubelwagen and Opel Blitz, both edited by us.
Johnsart - Several items such as bunkers.
Mikebart - Grass (scenery, NOT the smokable kind :P)
Amon from CSM Mod and Wolfrug from RUG DSAI Mod - Some sounds/voices.
MadDogX - MG suppressing fire script.
Ballistic Addon Studios - BAS_f MP Mission Framework.
Mr-Murray - Armed-Assault Editing-Guide Deluxe Edition
-eutf-Myke - COOP Essentials

Many thanks to:
All former active members of Invasion 1944 that contributed to any release(s) (OFP, ArmA1 etc), together we've created well over 95% of what is featured in this release ourselves.
Marfy in particular - for all his vehicles.
As well as (among others) - Klallo, Sebastian Müller, Matthias Putzer, Rufus, Zwadar etc.
The Silent Warriors squad and their admins Thumper & Wasp - For helping us (and offering to) test the mod on their dedicated server.
Rewan - Help on how to use some mission related scripts. - For constantly posting news about our mod, hosting our forum and for hosting the release(s).
ArmAholic - For constantly posting news about our mod.
Deadeye, pMASTER, Jynx & Foxhound - For making those newsposts.
Zip - For the constant moaning.
All others that posted on our forum.
And everyone else we forgot.

- Bikeys;
- Sherman Firefly (to balance the advantage of the German armour especially for MP use in games with fewer players (real-life 4:1 ratio not attainable)), M5A1 Stuart;
- US tank crew;
- Calibrated sights on all Allied tank, as well as on the German tanks;
- Resupply vehicles (ammo, fuel and repair) for the US side, German ones as well although it uses the standard Opel Blitz without canopy, visually different ones will be added in ArmA2;
- Ammoboxes;
- Main menu cutscene for the Omaha "island";
- Multiplayer missions I44_COOP_Aloft_1-16, I44_COOP_Battery_1-16 and I44_COOP_Invasion_1-32;
- Tank shell ballistics coding;
- C-47 from OFP, unoptimized, but should be ok for missions;
- Added some LODs to various items.

- Put in the right (newest) omahapbo and campaignpbo, 1.0 release contained older versions;
- Screaming and bleeding out was accidentally disabled in the first release;
- Mounted MG have zero dispersion;
- Tiger's Radio Operator MG realigned;
- Sight script error fixed;
- Parachute ground object fixed;
- M3 Halftrack didn't work for some people;
- Other misc. fixes.

- Wounded scripts to help MP missions;
- Improved first campaign mission;
- Dropping of PzF30 removed, coding was identical to other PzF, but only PzF30 caused crashes;
- Bullet impacts on dirt toned down (harder to see at distance now, before it was too bright);
- Removed the M1919 tripod from ammo boxes;
- Removed "back seat" from FlaK38;
- Other misc. changes.

Forum topic:
- Invasion 1944 forums

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