ArmA 2 performance tweaks

Dead3yez has written a simple guide in our forums to help you squeeze out the best performance and visual quality of your Arma 2 game.
The suggestions made are mainly aimed for gamers that are currently experiencing low frame rates in the game and how to improve them without having to look like pac-man.

Quote Dead3yez :
In my opinion to be able to play a game it needs to be smooth, yet still have a nice visual appearance, having your graphics set to high is nice but if your PC is stuttering in MP then it's not a very good idea. To get the best out of the game you must find what suits you best performance:appearance wise. In order to get better performance you have to sacrifice the looks, performance is important because it makes the game easier to play, especially in MP where you will find when you're getting kills easier. Some of you may be experiencing problems because your system isn't exactly spec, to help you increase your performance issues I have some suggestions which you may want to choose. Others may be playing with a high FPS already with settings pretty high, but they may be able to squeeze out higher settings without loss in performance.

Not all these options do apply to users with low end systems, but also with high ends too. Most of these suggestions are very basic, but should increase your gameplay experiences very much if applied correctly. I can say that I have taken some of these following steps and Arma2 runs much more smoothly than at first, with not too much quality loss. Either way, if you're struggling to get a good performance as I have here are those simple steps to improve it...

My results with with a nice high fps
3321-lowsettings.jpg 3321-lowsettings2.jpg 3321-lowsettings3.jpg

To read more about adjusting your graphics settings and improving your system performance or if you have any suggestions visit the forum topic.

Written on 2009-06-01 11:01 by Dead3yez  

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