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Short description: Dialog designer for ArmA2 and ArmA

Date: 2010-11-12 21:17

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ArmA Dialog Designer

This is a dialog designer for ArmA2 and ArmA.

Run the .exe file


The obfuscation build option was enabled in v0.0.0.7 by mistake.
Do not use it. It's not complete, and dialogs built with this option, will NOT work.
A more advanced updating feature will be included in a later version

[Changed] When adding a property to a control, edit mode is now automatically enabled
[Improved] Greatly improved loading speed of dialogs
[Changed] Right click menu can now be opened by pressing the space bar (Escape will also close)
[Changed] Disabled obfuscation build option (It was not supposed to be in v0.0.0.7, it is NOT working yet)
[Changed] New splash screen
[Fixed] Constants can now be modified without opening a dialog first
[Fixed] Classes can now be modified without opening a dialog first
[Added] Simple way to check for updates ("Check Update" in the About dialog)
[Added] Possibility to automaticly check for updates every time the program starts

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