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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.4

Date: 2007-03-04 08:15

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Corazol Flashpoint

Here is a Co-op mission for 17 involving a counter-attack against invading SLA forces.

You start at a forward base and advance through Corazol. There is an additional objective revealed when your troops reach the DMZ.

Clear Corazol and accomplish the revealed second objective to win. Mission is lost when all US forces are dead or the second objective cannot be completed.

Group respawn.

Select time of day, dynamic weather and vehicle respawn on or off as options at mission start.

Vehicle respawn affects only the MH-6, the Stryker, and the HMMVWs. After destruction, these units will reappear once when respawn is on.

Note there is no abandonment subroutine in the respawn script and as such the vehicle needs to be fully destroyed to respawn. Bring a satchel...

- Fixed the second objective. A script issue prevented the second objective from being completed.
- Fixed a couple cycle waypoints.
- Changed the combat stance of some of the units.
- Changed one BMP to a T-72. Kept unit POP of about 70%
- Changed the one large aircomms sound loop to a collection of snippets.
- Reduced overall mission pbo size from ~900KB to 678KB.

- Fixed script error at mission start.

- Addes Kegetys Spectating Script.
- Added M107 and ammo.
- Added West motorbike.
- Added lite version that omits the helo comms loop to reduce mission size for online play.

- corrected a JIP problem

Known Issues:
- New version still shows as 1.3 in mission briefing.

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