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Date: 2009-07-09 21:23

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RAF Chinook CH2
Afrographix ported to ArmA2 by Smiley Nick

This is Afrographx’s Chinook from operation flashpoint. The Spanish mod kindly gained permission from Afrographx to use it in their newly released and great modification!

As it stands, the Chinook is a simple helicopter with no fancy scripts. New sounds have been added based on real life samples to add to the atmosphere of flying her.

    - Walk able ramp and can have the possibility of adding a WSO to the rear of the ramp with the attach to command.
    - Two working door gunner positions, with tracers.
    - Realistic sound
    - Possible to attach vehicles and cargo via the attach to command
    - Blank UV map in Olive drab, for users who wish to make their own livery
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation about using modfolders.

Included files:

Found under West (RAF_UK) inside the editor.

Eddie has future plans for a US version, and we have both agreed to continue working together on the Chinook model for British and American variants. As stated in the previous post, there are plans for a brand new project combining forces from many individuals.

For now, we are happy to have resolved this issue, and both of our main concerns was the re-release to the community.

Credits & Thanks:
The model currently being used has been granted for use by Eddie(Wld427) to use as a standalone RAF version, currently using an updated model from the original AfrographiX and Pelton build. She has two door guns, fully functional and was extensively worked on by Eddie(Wld427) for a PRACs release.

Another big thankyou for Deanobeano for helping with the config and bug fixing, its really down to him that we have a fully clean version, and Konyo for config work. Thankyou!

Origional model = AfrographiX
Flight model into Arma – Pelton and the Spanish Mod
Weapons and extra fixes - PRACS and Eddy
Arma – Arma2 config work and bug fixing - Deanobeano
Arma – Arma2 config work - Konyo

- Improved lighting locations, and hull lighting.
- Compatible with ACE2 (hopefully) with their eject system for Para drops.
- Currently is not using the new sound engine, however from extensive tests the current method for broadcasting the sound seems to fit very well.
- Corrected damaged model
- Uh60 scope error removed
- Binarized

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