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Version: 1.2

Date: 2007-03-03 15:27

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General Cucombre, chief of the Royal Sahrani Army, has taken power by force of arms from the King and legal government. He's a known communist symphatizer and there is also fear that South-Sahrani nuclear weapons might end to terror organizations such as SPECTRE. Her Majesty's government has authorized MI5 agents residing in the country to launch Operation Kingmaker to rescue the unfortunate monarch from captivity at once.

Summoned from British Embassy dinner, double-0 agents start the operation near the objective. King is being held in heavily guarded compound, rescue him and eliminate all SPECTRE operatives guarding the area. Confiscate explosives and blow up a hole to make your escape. Find means to transport him to the airport where you are to confiscate aircraft. Finally, bring His Majesty's safely to nearby NATO base in the southeast. Good luck and do be careful!


fixes some bugs in version 1.1

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