Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps by SchnapsdroSel fixed version
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SchnapsdroSel released an updated version of his Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps addon on the BI forums.

Quote SchnapsdroSel :
Sorry for the delay, but real life keeps me so busy, I don't even have the
time to play Arma2, all I do is work on addons for it...

But finally, the long awaited update is here!
    - added Navy SEALs
    - added US Army Soldiers
    - added groups for US Army Soldiers, Navy SEALs, Desert SOF and Taliban
    - added combat diver
    - added new berets
    - added units with "no head gear"
    - added new Balaclavas and Masks
    - added new faces
    - fixed some textures
    - fixed some config stuff

Written on 2009-11-22 21:26 by SchnapsdroSel  

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