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Requirements: Little Birds, ChDKZ skin for Little Birds
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Version: 1.2

Date: 2009-08-08 16:16

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Littlebird: Day 1

In this (and the missions to come) you take on the role of Pyoter Kaztrulya: A former member of the ChDKZ (Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star). You fled Chernarus two years ago after the CDF imprisoned and then executed your father. You were one of the most highly skilled chopper pilots within the ChDKZ before you left the country, but now the Movement calls you back again.

You have left your job in Russia as a pilot for Aeroflot, and are back in the Fatherland. A stolen AH-60 has made it's way to ChDKZ hands and needs a bold, daring, and brash pilot to command her. You are that pilot.

Upon termination or escape of Father Gulash (WIN or LOSE) you must make it back to the Boss (Akula character) standing in front of the Air Traffic Tower at the ChDKZ base.

Extract the .pbo file(s)to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

-I realize that some of you may dispute the ChDKZ using an AH-60 in their operations with a RACS skin at that. But I beg that you use your imagination. Please keep comments about this to yourself, unless you have a better idea.

-This is my first ARMA2 mission, and probably the first game mission/modification I've ever released since a couple of WADs I made for Doom back in the day. Any constructive criticism or advice you may have is very much welcomed. Positive feedback is fun too

-I am slowly learning the scripting for this game, and hopefully soon I will be able to update this mission to be more replayable. As of right now the target takes one predetermined route to his destination, and I would like to make it more random.

-Other things on my wishlist for future updates on this mission are a ChDKZ skin for the AH-60, and maybe some Russian voiceovers. This is probably pie in the sky however, and I wouldn't hold my breath.

Change log:
- Included reskin of the AH-60 for a ChDKZ livery.
- Updated to work with version 1.03 of ARMA2.
- Now more randomy

-Added a script that will cause Father Gulash to take different escape routes at beginning of mission, randomly.
-Changed the chopper to the new NAPA reskin by JehZus.
-Added a more specific Briefing/Intel report at beginning of mission. I also added some OOC (Out of Character)
notes from me, to help anyone having trouble with the mission.
-Changed the Scenario title so it correlates better with the name of the PBO/Zip.
-Added some traffic to the roads so that the first car you see moving is not so obviously Father Gulash's.
-Added a few more units to the Chernagorsk battle.
-Added "No-Fly zones" to simulate UN/NATO guarded International Waters. If you fly out there and get shot down by USMC fighter jets, don't say I didn't warn you
-Made the ChDKZ base look more like a *BASE*

Credits & Thanks:
-Cyborg11 for the AH-60 mod. This wouldn't be possible without it!
-critanda for his "Morning Assault" and "Operation: Enable Sky" missions. I have to admit that I learned how the editor worked from the example laid out in these two wonderful missions.

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