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Short description: F-35B USMC reskins by Feint. Includes two versions, desert and maritime.

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Date: 2009-08-13 18:07

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F-35B USMC reskins

This mod is a reskin of the ARMA2 F35B Lightning 2, aka the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Included are two (2) fictional USMC camo variant based loosely on a combination of F22 camo patterns and current USMC Harrier II camo patterns. Please note that the default F35B skin was used as a starting point for these skins. BI deserves much of the credit for the details which I have done my best to preserve where appropriate.

At the time these skins were made (Q3-2009), there were no F35B jets in the USMC inventory, and hence no reference material to base this skin on. I have done my best to stay true to the traditional USMC camo patterns yet allow the paint to reflect the revolutionary advancements that this aircraft brings to the armed services. For example, I have left the maritime skin dirty and used-looking but have tried to show the cleaner composite skin in the desert version. The desert skin is an emulation of a camo pattern currently used by the F22.

USMC Maritime Camo Pattern (Based on Harrier 2)
USMC Desert Camo Pattern (Based on F22)

Included .pbo files:

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The planes can be found under USMC > Air (Feint)

Known issues:
To avoid the mirroring of words, I have moved some details to non-mirrored portions of the aircraft. This is a result of the original BIS model mapping.

Credits & Thanks:
BI ( for their AMAZING original textures which my skin is based upon.

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- Armaholic forums

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