15 January 2007

Bundeswehr Mod

Armaholic.com had the chance to interview the project team of the "Bundeswehr Mod".

Visit the Bundeswehr Mod website for more info or check out the article we made for Armed Assault mod projects.

Could you introduce the Bundeswehr mod project team briefly?

The Bundeswehr Mod is created by a very small team with only a few contributing members at the moment.
Here???s a short list of those members, who are currently working on the mod:

  • - Clausewitz (missiondesign, betatests)
  • - Hardrock (mainly inactivity, but sometimes models, textures and scripts)
  • - Helifreak (models, textures)
  • - Metalchris (models, textures, missions)
  • - Praetorian (military encyclopedia)
  • - RBVV (models, scripts)
  • - Snorri (textures)
  • - TeRp (nearly everything)

Can you give us some background information about the Bundeswehr mod, why did the team decide to make a mod about a fictive campaign in Montenegro for example?

After deciding to create a fullmod / total conversion for Armed Assault, there were two possible settings suggested by our members.
One being Afghanistan where our troops would have been involved in struggles with Al Quaida and other terrorists as well as Iranian troops in Helmand, the second one beeing a crisis in Serbia.
Finally, we decided to use the second setting, mainly because we could fall back to ???Operation Peacekeeper??? (a Battlefield 2 Mod, www.opkmod.de), which already has a lot of experience with Serbian equipment and also created a lot of it for their mod.
They have agreed to exchange models and skins (they are already using some of our work), so our team can focus on the German stuff first and only needs to change or improve a few things in order to make the Serbian equipment vailable in Armed Assault.

FYI, a short summary of our campaign can be found in our BWMod article in the Biki, however all details and information will be revealed when playing our campaign only.

You update the public with new info each month with renders of models and additional info about them, but how about the missions in your mod, is there anything you can already tell us about them?
For example since it will be a fictive campaign, what kind of realism will you put in the missions? Is there anything more you would like to/can share with the public about your missions?

We try to include a number of both singleplayer and multiplayer missions, but we are mainly focusing on the multiplayer part of Armed Assault and thus are optimizing our addons on it and will include more multiplayer than singleplayer missions throughout releases.
Our missions will most likely be of medium and hard difficulty, as we are assuming that our players have already completed the official campaign and gathered a lot of experience between the release of Armed Assault and our mod.
We will try to keep both singleplayer and multiplayer missions (primary coop-missions here) realistic but also challenging and fun with varying durations from short (e.g. 5 to 10 minutes) to long (approximately 1 hour).
Currently, we are planing to create a vast amount of multiplayer missions including deathmatch, capture the flag, capture the island, etc but the mainpart will be cooperative missions or team vs. team missions like ???attack and defend???.

Some of our coop missions will be harder than their single player counterparts and require teamwork and coordination from all players.
This may include missions including different objectives for two player squads, e.g. one team has to attack a base while the other team prepares an ambush for the support the enemy is sending in.

On the other hand, we will also include easier and shorter missions for those players who haven???t gained a lot of multiplayer experience yet or are playing multiplayer games only here and then.

Even though the campaign is fictive, we will try to keep it as realistic as possible without reducing the fun.
Since the initial release is only including few vehicles on the German side with less firepower than the Serbian vehicles, the campaign will be quite challenging, as the Serbians have a lot of heavy equipment available to throw into the battle, so the Germans will most likely be reatreating or relying on ???guerilla tactics??? a lot.
We haven???t decided in which role (grunt, pilot, etc) the player will take part in the campaign or if we???ll make use of the ???teamSwitch??? function of ArmA, but you can be sure that we will include some special features in our campaign.

However, we haven???t started working on the campaign or missions and even didn???t recruit missiondesigners yet, as we first have to finish a few addons for use in our missions as well as the island, where most of the missions will take part.
So don???t expect any screenshots from our missions or campaign soon.

Does the team have any reallife experience within the army, and will you use that experience for anything related to the Bundeswehr mod?

Yes, a lot of our members did serve or are still serving in the German Bundeswehr, e.g.
GalcomT (Panzeraufkl???rer), Metalchris (Gebirgsj???ger), Praetorian (Navy), Snorri (Medic at the Heeresflieger), as well as speedi and RBVV.

As you see, our team is made of people who gained a lot of experience in different areas of the German Bundeswehr and we make use of that a lot when creating our addons. On the other hand, we are also getting a lot of feedback from the OFP/ArmA and other gaming communities as well as from former members of the Bundeswehr.

Most of us like to see realistic weaponry in Armed Assault. How much research have you done to try and accomplish that goal? For example, are you using or will you be using your real life military experience to make the new weapons as realistic as possible?

We are doing extensive research before creating our models and skins, we get in touch with other people having experience about our current projects and try to keep everything from weapons to vehicles as realistic and close to the real thing as possible within Armed Assault.
We will try to include realistic recoil, damage values and types (e.g. weapon malfunctions, etc.) as well as armour values in our releases. However, Armed Assaults armor and damage system seems to be the same as in Operation Flashpoint, so we just have to wait and see if we can achive all our plans here.

At last, you won???t have balanced weapons and vehicles for the sake of CTI or Capture the Flag but must make use of your equipments advantages and the enemies disadvantages.

Will the Bundeswehr mod include new gameplay features, things you maybe always wanted in OFP but couldn't, and hopefully can do with ArmA? If so, would you like to share some ideas with the public?

Obviously yes, we???ve always waited for multiple gunner support and most likely will make use of it wherever possible.
This includes an additional MG for tank commanders as well as additional weapons on a few vehicles, e.g. there will be a Fuchs and a UH1D with two MG3s.

On the other hand creating a fullmod / total conversion offers a lot more possibilities we couldn???t make use of in OFP, e.g. balancing the game by using realistic values (armor, damage) on our addons as well as on the default ArmA weapons and vehicles.

Additionaly, we are planing some new features, e.g. overheating weapons, jamming weapons or deployable weapons.

There will be lots of projects for Armed Assault in the future, other than your really outstanding work what more will you add to it to make sure this is a must have for many Arma players?
What unique features will the the Bundeswehr mod contain?

Well, withinin OFP the BWMod appealed mostly to the german part of the community and we don???t think that???ll change dramatically with Armed Assault.
But if you are interested in the German military, simply like our work and it???s quality or the demands we are making to ourselves, we can just suggest to try it out.

The Bundeswehr mod features a lot of units, weapons etc and you have said you will release a basic mod which you will expand in the future by using patches.
Can you already say or hint how much the community can expect in the basic pack if we talk about units and weapons?

The initial release won???t contain as much content as e.g. CSLA II or FDFMod: we are aming for a (much) smaller package which can be achived with our current number of contributing members.
We will release some patches afterwards, which will consist of addons and missions related to a special theme, e.g. Special Forces or Armored Forces (and will of course include bugfixes for prior releases, if necessary).
If possible, these patches will also include minor campaigns which may continue or deepen our main campaign, but could also contain a completely new OPFOR faction and a new campaign.

Here is a short list of what we are planing to include in our intial release, however it isn???t the complete list, as we want to keep some things ???secret??? and on the other hand can???t make sure that everything we are planing will make it into the release:

  • Weapons:
    • G36 (a few variants, including G36/AG36 variant)
    • MG3
    • MG4
    • G22
    • Panzerfaust 3 (including different types of warheads)
    • M21 (Serbian assault rifle, including M21/VOG-25 variant)
    • M80 (Serbian machine gun)
    • M76 (Serbian sniper rifle)
  • Vehicles:
    • Wolf
    • Dingo 2
    • Fuchs
    • Wiesel 2 Ozelot
    • UAZ
    • Ural
    • M84
    • M80A
    • BOV-30

You have stated there will be a new island with the first release.
Is there anything you can share with the public already about the new island?
For example, what region of Montenegro will the island reflect? Or just anything else you would like to and are able to share with the community?

Our small island ???Titovo??? is located about 30km off shore the northwestern coast of Montenegro.
Titovo will be approximately 12 km x 12 km in size with a european / balcan look but has some typically mediterran landscapes near the coast, too.
In the second world war, the Germans build up a small airport on the island, which is now the home of a serbian brigade.
Since Montenegros independence from Serbia, the VSCG brigade has been instructed to leave the island and German troops have been based there to observe it, help the population and disarm explosives which have been dropped over the island during the Kosovo conflict.
What makes Titovo important is its port ,which is mainly used as a gateway for oil to south-east europe.

We haven???t started working on the island yet, mainly because we have to wait for the tools and have to create a lot of new objects (mainly buildings) for use on the island.

Like you say your team is waiting for the modding tools to be released as are many of us. But despite not having the tools and not knowing when you will have them, can you give us a target release date?
Or what would you consider a very possible release date?

It is very hard to give a proper date, as there are a lot of factors which have an influence on it, e.g. the workflow in the team, how many of our members are actually working on addons or missions, the release of the modding tools, etc.
However, we think June 2007 might be a realistic date for our first release, but we can???t promise anything.

The teamlist on the Bundeswehr website contains 14 names of which many seem to be in-active. Is this correct or haven't you gotten the time yet to update it?
If this is correct, are you still looking for new members to help with the project?

Yes, sadly most members of our team are currently not working on addons, even though the release of ArmA brought back a lot of motivation to the team.
So if you read this and think you would be able to contribute something to our mod, don???t hesitate to contact us.

We are currently looking for:

  • - Modellers
  • - Texture Artists
  • - Mission Designers
  • - Sound Artists

Is there anything we didn't ask but you would like to share with the community?

We would like to take this as an opportunity to thank our host OFP.info and especially Cervo, all the people who helped us with their feedback and materials and of course OPK.
Thanks for the fine question, it was refreshing not to answer the same questions over and over again.

Greetings , The BWMod team.


Armaholic.com would like to thank you for giving us the chance to interview you.
We are looking forward to any new info about the mod you publish in the future and we will make sure to inform the public about your progress.

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