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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 0.99d

Date: 2009-09-01 08:30

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AT Serialkiller
NeoArmageddon and Mondkalb

Serialkiller is a mission/gamemode. There are one or two killer, up to 26 policemen and up to 260 civilians controlled by AI.
The killer's task is to kill all civilians. The cops have to stop them and get them into custody.

If the killers proceed in their task to wipe the civilians out, the police gets stronger equipment (weapons, cars and even choppers).

-2 killers with random spawns
-26 cops and 5 policestations
-260 civilians (some in each city/village)
-Civilian traffic
-Vehiclespawn for cops
-Unlocking of new vehicles/weapons
-Marker system
-Escape from prison is possible
-much more

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Still to do:
-Streaming the civilians to increase performance
-Multilanguage stringtable

Known issues:
-After a few hours the JIP gets broken (maybe already fixed but not tested)
-Sometimes civilians get a heartattack ^^

Change log:
- Fixed: JIP
- Fixed: Multialarm at stolen cars
- Changed: Respawnsystem
- Fixed: Briefing
- Changed: Killermodels (Businessman)
- Added: Booster for Police Vats, Police bike and police UAZ
- Removed: M16 with M203
- Added: Pistolhiding for killer
- Added: Hospitals
- Added: Marker for killer (Cops cant see them)
- Removed: Helispawn in Solnichny
- Added: New Missionparamarray intruduced in newest ArmA2 1.03 Beta (but not supported yet)
- Fixed/Removed: Hostages
- Fixed: Policemarker
- Fixed: In 1.03 intruduced eventhandler "killed" bug solved!!!
- Added: If the killer has no weapons, he will apear as civilian
- Changed: Police weapons

- Fixed: Getting stuck in forest after JIP
- Added: Adding briefing with radiocommand
- Fixed: Cop marker after JIP
- Added: Random spawn for killers

DO NOT modify this mission without permission given by NeoArmageddon and Mondkalb.
Otherwise we'll hunt you down and you'll suffer a long and painful death, or something. (<- Just a joke)

We do not endorse serial killing or murders. If you tend to murder innocent people on a regular basis, or have recently killed innocent people, DO NOT play this mission.This mission cannot be used to simultate real killing sprees. If you think that, you're a simple and plain idiot.

Credits & thanks:
Scripts/mission/framework: NeoArmageddon
Objectplacing/scripts/dialogs: Mondkalb
Betatesting: Scruffy, Freshman, Mr.Murray and (some people I forgot)
Original idea back in OFP days: Citycobra

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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